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How Many Students?

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Feb 14 2003 14:41

A little barbed 'light' relief at the expense of higher education...

Feb 14 2003 17:28

Imperial - Five

One to change the lightbulb

And one representative from each faculty to watch.

2. Lampy   
Feb 14 2003 18:31

Plus another 20 to discuss on Live! the rights and wrongs of whether the lightbulb was changed in the right way, if the right new lightbulb was fitted and indeed, if it should have been changed at all.

3. ant   
Feb 14 2003 19:14

Imperial- none if its in have to leave that to the contractors,(we're obviously not skilled enough students)

although i suppose you could say one is fill out defect reports.

4. chimp   
Feb 14 2003 20:08

Aberystwyth doesnt have Basketball courts. Or any houses for that matter. We live in the fields.

5. Beci   
Feb 20 2003 13:28

Wye - One student and a sheep to stand on.

Feb 20 2003 15:41

According to Dickie Sykes, we invent lightbulbs not change them. Hmmmm... not much good without a lightbulb holder methinks...

7. ...   
Sep 21 2003 20:10

Wasn't it Edison who invented the lightbulb? I didn't know he went to IC!

8. andy   
Nov 23 2003 23:41

Surely some group of hippies would start protesting about the change, all seven (with megaphone) of them would demand a union EGM claiming the whole student body is against the changing and suggesting a march on parliment. This would involve union president the commitee the 7 hippies, and would annoy the s**t out of everyone else that just doesn't care.

Nov 24 2003 11:11
10. Jaime   
Nov 26 2003 22:25

How about:


None - IC students are already using solid state lights so there is no bulb to change.

11. tom t   
Nov 27 2003 11:58

Jaime, I like your thinking, but the reality is this:

There are the facilities (ducts etc) installed in (new) buildings to use super efficient lighting, but then the lighting budget was raided for carpet, so the ducts are in the wall for intelligent lighting, but we end up with the traditional lights, at extra expense. Same applies for equipment to use the waste heat from the CHP. College budgets for energy efficiency and monitoring: ?0, rebranding ~?2m over two years. Hang on, I haven't paid my fees yet, back soon.

Nov 27 2003 12:12

I am given to understand that a significant sum has been put aside by the College to replace the lighting systems in the Tunnels.

Mind the asbestos!

13. tom t   
Nov 27 2003 14:10


is that the extensive network of underused subterranean corridors linking amongst others, Linstead to southside to Queenstower to etc etc?

Or the South Ken tube tunnel?


Nov 27 2003 16:20

The former.

The South Ken tube tunnel (Museum subway) isn't maintained by the College and (TTBOMK) has no asbestos.

The maintenance tunnels are only "underused" in that the students aren't allowed down there (although I don't recall ever being officially told this) (and that's not to say that they never go there...)

15. tom t   
Nov 27 2003 18:08

thanks source.

Any idea of the financial magnitude of this extremely important lighting renovation? After all, no one going into a tunnel would ever take a torch...

Nov 28 2003 09:56

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to read in any detail (or grab a copy of) the document witht the cost proposal. I only saw the front page and the intorduction.

I'll keep my eyes peeled - a couple of the companies I work with have IC as a client, so I'm sure there'll be more exciting and interesting news of how the College is spending the money it gets from tuition fees...

Dec 03 2003 08:58

you forgot essex: Five - One to change it, one to hold her handbag whilst she changes it, one to make sure her thong is in clear view of all the surrounding men, and two to leer loudly at passers by, tempting them to

"av a look at dis!"

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