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Internship Centre exceeds all targets

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Feb 20 2003 16:00

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs but where is the support? Succeeding despite lack of Union help.

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Feb 20 2003 16:22

As the Internship Centre Co-ordinator, I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I give more than my share of free- time and I don?t see why I should have to spend any more on an activity that the Union could assist with. The Union is not helping me, the Union is not helping this years 300+ applicants.

BTW, I would like to thank the team for all the help they have given me.

Feb 20 2003 17:15

Why is this opinion? Sounds more like a fact to me.

3. tom t   
Feb 21 2003 11:22

RE: Alternative Careers Fair

ESoc worked hard on teh Alternative Careers Fair for three years now, putting on the spectacular success that was last years with our pitiful budget and lots of volunteer resource. Even Atul came and represented the internship centre at tHAT Fair.

However, we felt that after consistently expanding the Careers Fair and tripling throughput, it was time the Union became involved, so we got a paper passed at Exec (some time ago) mandating the Union to support and help SF2003 (sustainable futures 2003). This is an important Union service, just like the internship centre, and I'm sure that a well written paper to Exec would aid your cause more than a slagging off on Live!

I sympathise though with you [email protected]: amount of work volunteers do and you do, and how difficult it can be to get Union support - keep trying!



4. Atul   
Feb 21 2003 15:27

Tom, Shrenik's not really having a go at ESoc as such, because just like us you guys had to slave away for the last 3 years to make your fair the sucess it is today. We would always like to support your fair by having a stand on it.

Shrenik does have a valid point that for the welfare we do provide to the students, (not only Faculty of Engineering students, ALL college students can use the service), the union has simply not supported our scheme enough and has constantly rejected all of our proposals for having a union staff member to assist us in the past.

The welfare service the Internship Centre provides is very important and it is time that either college or the union supported it better.

I am glad to see that the Internship Centre is being seen more seriously by Union election candidates as well, although wether they might help is another matter.

Feb 21 2003 19:31

ICU suffers from a "not invented here" culture. The central Union is too often unwilling to support activites without completely taking them over or doing its own thing.

And ESoc's Alternatives Careers Fair (which I have to say, is very deserving of Union support) only first got noticed last year when DPEW (David Francis) brought a proposal to Exec that they should get some funding. The reaction was not very positive, but David did manage to get some money and I'm glad to see that Union support has been extended this year.

As for the Internship Centre, or indeed other activities, getting more central ICU support... depends on whether there's a sabbatical there to champion them. ESoc's Alternative Careers Fair probably wouldn't have got a look in, if David hadn't been determined to get help for it last year.

6. tom t   
Feb 24 2003 16:12

Well Mustafa, thanks for those kind words I'm sure ESoc will give you their block vote....

On a serious note, David Francis had to be lobbied somewhat to get the paper into Exec...

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