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Election complaint!

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Feb 21 2003 16:05

Live! has been informed a formal complaint for this year's sabbatical elections has been made today.

Feb 21 2003 16:30

Can I make a complaint about how boring and identical the candidates are this year?

Wet, insipid and unappealing.

2. Mr X   
Feb 21 2003 20:50

Could somebody help me?

Would a former Year and Departmental representative, who is actively supporting a particular candidate, asking a lecturer to (unwittingly) ask a class to stay behind in order to distribute copies of Felix with parts of that candidate's manifesto highlighted constitute:

"tak[ing] unfair advantage of any publication or other publicity that is not contained within the allotted budget"?

If so, then another violation of election rules appears to have taken place [that is, of course, unless this is what the above article is referring to].

Even though the former year rep. may not be a member of the candidate's team, to quote the election rules:

"Responsibility of candidate for actions by others on behalf of a candidate without the candidate's knowledge or approval will depend on the situation, but may still render the candidate liable."

3. Dan L   
Feb 22 2003 00:30


You are quite correct, and this is under investigation since it comes under publicity...

4. Mr X   
Feb 22 2003 06:39

Oh, so someone has already reported it? Well, it's reassuring that the incident is being dealt with.

Feb 22 2003 23:17

So can I, "on behalf of other candidates", "take advantage of any publication or other publicity that is not contained within the allocated budget". As in if I put up flurescent posters for all the candidates, will RON win by default?

Also should Live have a link to one of the presidential candidates as its top "top link" during the election?

6. Dan L   
Feb 23 2003 10:07

Zebedee, I would assume that if you went around putting up illegal posters for the candidates without their permission, the elections committee would hopefully make a sensible ruling that it was you and not them.

However since there is an inquorate elections committee this might be a bit difficult at the moment!

Finally the link in the "Top Links" section does not go to a presidential website, and secondly if it did, the "top links" is open to all candidates to submit their own webpages if they wanted.

Feb 23 2003 11:38

Not bothered about the link to "alegeded presidencial website", the decision to allow a candidate to report on an event that happened at hustings is a dodgy one though!

Feb 23 2003 12:15

The article you are referring to doesn't actually make any comment about the election or the candidates, so therefore it's not really all that 'dodgy'.

It's like saying to Felix that Alex W. can't write his column this week because he's running in an election and may somehow slip in a subliminal message saying 'vote for me'.

Also, anyone can write for Live! if they ask the editors for a login, which means that this, as a medium, is open to all candidates. But before all the candidates start writing articles about themselves, as Mustafa pointed out on another thread, Live! has a policy of not commenting on elections until after they have happened.

Feb 24 2003 13:11

How about this live banner?

Surely that's not supposed to appear on a news site, even if the other candidates technically had the same opportunities?

Feb 24 2003 13:44

As long as he's paid the going student rate, then there is no problem. The facility is open to other candidates to use, it's just a question of cost.

11. Dan L   
Feb 24 2003 14:22

There is no reason why other candidates have not decided to take up the offer of advertising on Live!

More details can be found on this webpage

As long as the candidates do not spend over the amount they are allowed to then they are breaking no rules by having a banner.

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