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Fur Coat and No Knickers

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Feb 26 2003 12:53

Imperial Medics Drama present an energetic and very funny production of Mike Harding?s play, Fur Coat and No Knickers.

Feb 26 2003 15:33

We're not Dramsoc, we're Imperial Medics' Drama

Feb 26 2003 15:58


My apologies. Correct name noted for future.

Feb 26 2003 17:15


Feb 26 2003 23:21

What??? culture on an engineers website? what is the world coming to?

5. Dan L   
Feb 27 2003 00:59

As a new Live! editor this academic year I have been looking at ways to encourage more people to write.

Live! has decided to branch out into the culture area as well (since we have lots at IC).

So I suppose Live! is now not only "News and Comment", but instead "News, Reviews, and Comment".

And a blatent plug: If you want to write for Live then

6. Arts   
Feb 27 2003 01:30

And another blatent plug...

If you wish to recieve information about forthcoming arts events at Imperial then why not subscribe to the mailing list. To do so you could send list commands to .uk, or you vould just click HERE and enter your email address in the form provided.

Mar 01 2003 12:43

We are not IC Tech, It's IC DramSoc


Mar 01 2003 14:38

ICU DramSoc... Unless the college have started funding you directly...

Mar 01 2003 15:09

well its over and it was fun to work on, enjoyed by all i would think.

Who said medics and non medics can't get along?

10. Cynic   
Mar 01 2003 15:29

You just enjoyed the Medic girlies. Thinking only of your monkey quite possibly.

Disgraceful behaviour! I don't know, the youth of today, getting more immoral by the minute, they should put a ban on having fun, clearly college aren't working you hard enough if you've got time for all this malarky, wasn't like this in my day....


Mar 02 2003 22:28

Why has "uberpedant" not noticed that everyone is spelling "blatant" wrongly?

Apr 30 2003 17:44

or even that "ueber" should have the e in the absence of an umlaut...

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