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Way open for ICU vote count

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Mar 12 2003 12:49

The votes cast several weeks ago in the ICU Sabbatical Officer elections should finally be counted today.

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1. Beci   
Mar 12 2003 14:17


About bloody time!

2. Eddie   
Mar 12 2003 16:04

I hear it will start at 6pm (due to availability of the elections committee - dont you wish less people on council had seconded candidates!) so it will probably still be a result announced quite late tonight

Mar 12 2003 16:29

Oh thank you - finally some news.

Mar 12 2003 18:36

The fact that so many people from council seconded papers is a sad indictator that either too many candidates are hacks or candidates couldn't get anyone other than hacks to second them. Oh dear.

This doesn't excuse the fact that this whole elections process is an absolute shambles, not to mention re-writing the constitution AGAIN. The reasons it doesn't work:

1. People change it before it becomes effective.

2. The current sabbs ignore it, and they should be suitable disciplined!!

No wonder no one gives a toss.

Good luck to the people who eventually get elected - for next year you will need it....

Mar 12 2003 19:32

"ICU can't run elections" Sen Ganesh, ICU President, 12/3/03

Mar 12 2003 19:57

what the f**k????

When did he say that? and please tell me he said it on tape... After all, as he keeps telling us he has over all responsiblity for the union.

7. Dan L   
Mar 12 2003 19:58

Well at least the elections I ran were fine.

Maybe C&G should offer an elections service to ICU.

Especially since the ICU President seems keen to sub-contract anything out to other people to do..

Mar 12 2003 20:00

Is anyone going to the union to hear the results announced tonight?

9. Sam   
Mar 12 2003 20:19

Yeah, i'm here...

will post the results when they are known...

10. Nia   
Mar 12 2003 20:20

So Sen Ganesh says he's responsible for the Union does he? Has he confused "responsibility" with "power and influence" because I become increasingly concerned that he doesn't really know the meaning of the word "responsibility"?

Dear Curious - I don't even know if I know you so you may not care to hear this. But I intend to sit in my office working on a paper for a bit and then head over for a wind-down pint and to be generally nosey about election results.

Mar 12 2003 21:00


Do election results count as a "meeting"???

heh heh.

12. Nia   
Mar 12 2003 21:12

Dear Wall.

Most certainly not. More to do with an excuse to go to a place where they serve beer.

I wish to dispute your former quote "Hackery is like alcoholism. You're not an alcoholism till you go to the meetings.". Well I am an alcoholic but I don't need to go to meetings to prove this. Hackery however, does abide by this rule and as I have demonstrated this week, I will go to considerable lengths to avoid meetings. ;-)

Mar 12 2003 21:51

I think mustafa should have been disqualified for his behaviour. I think the author of this article is a boring old fart.

14. Dan L   
Mar 12 2003 22:04

Any news on the reuslts...

This is nearly as exciting as the C&G elections were...

Mar 12 2003 22:26

well the people leaning on me think about 11.30 - midnight...

16. bored   
Mar 12 2003 22:39

Mustafa Ibn Calb

Your attempt at scandal/argument creation is dismal. Go and purchase an imagination. I think Woolies are doing a special deal this month.

I hear Mustafa and Oliver were both engaged in a naked mud wreastling contest with Charles Clarke. The outcome of which was a deal in which they got their personal student debts paid off by the labour party in return for silence on tuition fees.

17. Dan L   
Mar 12 2003 22:52

Do you have the pictures of the mud wrestling? It sounds much more interesting than these elections....

Mar 13 2003 00:19

Hmmmm 20 mins past midnight now, and still no result :-(

19. ...   
Mar 13 2003 00:25

Not even a result at 25 past!

20. ///   
Mar 13 2003 00:30

half past

21. Beci   
Mar 13 2003 00:33

Thank you you the automated clock over in the corner...

22. Dan L   
Mar 13 2003 00:35

Latest News from Beit Towers:

There is a delay. The results should be ready at about 2am now.

Live! will keep you posted.

Mar 13 2003 00:45

Aren't Live! editorial powers wonderful Dan ;-)

24. Xhris   
Mar 13 2003 00:49

Can we have some idea of the scene there?

Is Sen busy preparing some Peter Snow-style graphics he's needed the extra 2 weeks to develop? I'd love to see an animation of Beit Quad falling into a big lavatory forming the backdrop to all the announcements.

Ooh, I love an election.

25. Dan L   
Mar 13 2003 00:53

Editor's are amazing I know Neil...

All I heard was it was delayed to 2am from a candidate.

I am so bored, I am off to bed. Hopefully the results will be here when i get up, but to be honest the elections are really rather boring now...

26. Xhris   
Mar 13 2003 01:05

How can you say boring, Dan? Do you mean to say that you can sleep tonight without knowing the results? These are the livelihoods of 5 brave, talented and commited sabatticals being decided here.

Did that sound sarcastic?

27. J01   
Mar 13 2003 01:24

Well, one of the possibly-to-be "5 brave, talented and commited sabatticals" just informed me of there being 2 hours til the announcement, but he wasn't sure when the two hours was from, being rather drunk right now.

Mar 13 2003 02:37

Any results yet?

Its quite obvious that the union is not employing large enough whips to speed the counters up....

...I suggest buying big ones, really really big ones.

29. Xhris   
Mar 13 2003 02:49

Yeah, painful stuff. Why does the ICU eletion count take longer than immensely more complicated and large counts such as London assembly election results. We'll never know.

Anyway, I'm sure we're all agreed that what the union needs is more hacks. Surely the best recruiting ground for future hacks is the excitement of an election count!

So surely the results should be a bit more than a public event in order to encourage plenty more hacks for next year.

Think I'll drop this by the union's suggestion box if such a thing exists.

Mar 13 2003 03:17

Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.

Mar 13 2003 03:20

I was told this now:

Mike Moate DPFS

Katherine McGinn for DPEW

Arif for President

Richard Walker for the other one

And Alex Coby or whatever for Felix.

No idea if it's right, but that is what I heard

Mar 13 2003 03:22

All your base are belong to us!!!!!!!!!

Mar 13 2003 03:24


34. stoic   
Mar 13 2003 03:25

The results are in! They were announced at 2.45 (ish).

Go to stoic's site to stream footage of Sen reading out the results

of each stage.

35. alex C   
Mar 13 2003 05:21

Oops. Didn't realise this two-bit website did links for me. oh well.

36. alex C   
Mar 13 2003 06:23

So i'll try again, shall I? Good.

for full election result coverage, right now!

37. Tim   
Mar 13 2003 08:14

I must confess....I kept refreshing Live! every 5 sec last night till 12 to find out the election results.

Too tired....

Congratulations Count Arif!

Mar 13 2003 08:31

I must confess... I was in bed.

Mar 13 2003 09:22

In bed????

In bed....

Bah! In my days....

I remember staying up 'till 4:30/ 5am to hear the result of the count. Then walking home, via sainburys. Fried breakfast, an hour of sleep, and then back for a 9am lecture....

And I wasn't even a candidate - just a friend of a few...

... students nowadays...

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