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Rector and Wye Provost Abducted

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Mar 14 2003 18:59

Wye and C&G join forces to kidnap Sir Richard Sykes...

Mar 14 2003 20:05


I can't wait for the slow-motion replay on STOIC... (assuming they go there on time?)

2. Tim   
Mar 14 2003 20:23

Well done Jing-wei!

Still cant believe Big Rich is so keen on this idea!! He has a strange PA.

3. James   
Mar 14 2003 23:17

stoic was there - I had a quick look at the video when it came back this evening and we have a pretty nice look of the pieing in all its creamy glory.

Hopefully someone (not me, I'm still recovering from elections!) will get it editted and uploaded for sometime next week.

4. Beci   
Mar 14 2003 23:36

I'd like to thank the Stoic guys and the Hit Squad for coming down. Waage and Sykes both really enjoyed it.

It was a good way to bring the campuses together, so thanks.

Mar 15 2003 18:46

Doesn't the Eurostar leave from round there? What a wasted opportunity...


Mar 16 2003 15:26

Well done Jing-Wei? i think Beci deserves some credit for actually organising it. :-p

a wasted opportunity indeed... maybe druids don't believe in trains.

7. Oh no   
Mar 16 2003 18:10

corrector, I think Tim was congratulating Jing-wei more for actually being able to get down to Wye, with a team, without getting lost.

Jing-wei has a (perhaps unfair) reputation in C&G circles for being "utterly enthusaistic but lacking in initiative"...

Mar 16 2003 18:37

Actually, they followed the stoic car down, and back, til we managed to lose them completely at Battersea.

I'm currently writing this while the footage is exporting to different formats..... check the stoic site in about 30 minutes for coverage of the day.

Mar 16 2003 20:54

stoic's website is now completely updated with coverage of this event.

Thanks again to Wye for their hospitality.

10. james   
Mar 16 2003 22:52

Could they not have sold him to the anti-gsk animal rights protestors? I'm sure they would pay us quite a lot of money, although consequences may be serious for poor Sir Rich. We could then use the money to top up the ICU budget.

Surely a missed opportunity?

11. Atul   
Mar 17 2003 10:27

Well done Jing Wei and the hit squad team for getting this excellent C&G rag tradition back to its glory days!

12. Beci   
Mar 17 2003 10:38

Sorry, but I wouldn't give the anti lot the satisfaction.

Mar 17 2003 19:48

Quite right Beci. Most animal rights protestors are just wet behind the ears upper-middle-class lefties with nothing better to do in their spare time. Not only are they a waste of space but they hinder those environmentalists trying to bring attention to the many legitimate concerns regarding treatment of animals.

14. Beci   
Mar 17 2003 20:23

Plus they killed our beagle pack and sent one back castrated. I'm sure they're rally nice people once they stop killing things. Anyway, I'm sure Sykes wouldn't have appreciated being castrated.

15. alex C   
Mar 17 2003 22:00

I don't think the point of letting them have him was his appreciation... as to whether the rest of college would have appereciated it is another matter entirely.

Much though I like the idea - i wouldn't give them the satisfaction either. Kidnapping Sykes is one thing, as he's conciously decided to be associated with that sort of research, but the Beagles is another. Bastards.

Mar 18 2003 00:43

Yeah, I remember the theft castration and conviction.

It was the first thing I reported on Wye about (and remember being disappointed that then WCUS President Liam Doble ignored my requests for comment!)

17. Beci   
Mar 18 2003 09:15

Well, I'd apologise for that if I could, but they didn't really Imperial back then. Some people still don't, but we're working on it. Although sometimes it's like hitting your head against a large brick wall.

May 26 2003 10:54

I bring this forum back to life.

19. Beci   
May 27 2003 13:54

That's very kind of you. Any particularly special reason?

May 29 2003 01:20

yes beci for you...

the kiss of life...

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