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Only at Imperial...

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Mar 21 2003 19:47

Only at Imperial could nutters on bicycles threaten small children?

Mar 22 2003 11:07

Who gave this moron a live account anyway?

2. Sam   
Mar 22 2003 11:15

The Live! editors i guess... why? do you want one too?

Mar 22 2003 12:11

Grammar and spelling are not my strong point! trying to fix the errors now!

Mar 22 2003 12:38

Poppycock! What an uninteresting, pointless article. Get a life and quit boring people to death!

Mar 22 2003 12:54

This article really is a waste of time... and valuable database capacity. Come on Ameet, admit defeat and move on.

Mar 22 2003 13:47

kwality your entitled to your opinion... but if you don't like what I write then don't read it?simple as that?and if every single person who reads the article finds it a waste of time then I apologise... but I think it is quite amusing and it really happened!

Also it takes courage to write an article and open yourself up to criticism? whilst you and the "black racist" have shown how pathetic you are because you hide behind silly pseudonames, and don't have the guts to criticise me with your real names.

Mar 22 2003 13:58

Ameet, I'm sure it does take courage to write an article. Particularly a very bad one.

But there's no shame in using a pseudoname [sic]; and I'd take issue with your point that it's an amusing story, honey.

Mar 22 2003 14:10


Mar 22 2003 16:19

Ah, I was wondering why they were manning that gate...

And I thought it was just increased security in light of the fact that we are at war. Silly me.

Mar 22 2003 16:42

The South Ken campus must've grown since I left barely 24 hours ago, then. I didn't know we'd subsumed all the embassies and now actually had an entrance on Gloucester Road...

Perhaps the esteemed writer refers to Falmouth Gate, on Queensgate?

I have to ask though... I was under the impression that the Imperial College Road entrance (certainly the pavement on the Science Museum side) is a public footpath. How far through the campus does that extend, then, since it can't go right through the College to Callendar Gate if Security are stopping people from getting in there...

11. Matt J   
Mar 22 2003 16:44

s/Callendar Gate/Falmouth Gate/ in the above, whoops.

  • -M
Mar 22 2003 17:16

OK let's clear this up. I meant the entrance near Central library. Yes I should have

found out what it was called and reading the article now it was written in a way which made it sound boring, and I could have made it seem more interesting. It's not an excuse but I did rush it as I had to go out (that's why I missed the spelling mistakes), in hindsight I should have waited till today when I could have taken my time over it. Anyway I have produced a ?better? version and hopefully the editors will put those changes in soon?amen

Mar 22 2003 19:10

I have to say I thought it was quite a good article, errors aside. Is there any proper secure cycle storage in College these days? It was one of my campaign points and College did promise to do something about it.

Mar 22 2003 20:04

College security cannot prevent anyone from using the Central library entrance - that road is a public thoroughfare (sp?) and college are in a running battle with Westminster council who want to make the whole road open to all traffic. So the only people with authority to stop you riding your bicycle (or pushing your pram) through the gates are the Met Police.

The reason I've heard that Security is manning the gates is because the Rector got cut up walking across campus by a contractor's van. He was a little bit upset, ran after the van and flagged it down - the driver told him, in no uncertain terms where to go.

Since then Security have been instructed to stop all "unreasonable" behaviour by delivery vans, cyclists, and ladies with prams by the sound of things...

Mar 22 2003 22:18

The article has been updated... you can no longer tell that I am illiterate :)

16. Tim   
Mar 22 2003 22:23

I think we should create a dedicated standalone Live! Page now.

Then we will be able to classify news into different categories: Main Head Lines, Review, Obituaries, snippet like this one, etc...

Well...its bit boring...who cares? Something to read after tea.

Richard, what do you think?

Mar 23 2003 01:02

Well, this article makes little sense and has no point to it. Congratulations.

Mar 23 2003 10:44

What Live! needs is a Kwality filter... no more mice or bikes!

19. Sam   
Mar 23 2003 12:22

or reviews of culture...

Mar 23 2003 13:33

I agree with the above...

Mar 23 2003 14:11

I also wondered if we had extended to Gloucester Road but kept quiet to give Ameet the benefit of the doubt. But it's settled then - Ameet is a git and Live! should strive to get better stories. However, Ameet, I do admire your courage in writing this rubbish and putting your name to it. That takes guts.

Mar 23 2003 17:13

I almost wish that I hadn't pressed the button which said ?public article?? but you know what? I'm glad I did, and I still like it, as well as the mouse one.

If you don't like it then tough s**t? I'll keep writing until the editors tell me to bugger off... . I think it's different, lighthearted and a change from the "serious" things which go on here and so it might attract a wider audience.

I think it makes perfect sense, it highlights the bizarre things which go on at this place and is fairly amusing because the guard got so worked up. And the point was to maybe get some discussion going about the question it poses? which is why do these things only happen at Imperial.

23. ...   
Mar 23 2003 18:09

Ameet, I don't think that's the question most people think the article raised.

While I think you have every right to post to Live!, perhaps you may not be averse to me offering you a few tips?

1) I think your writing perhaps needs to develop a bit more style - rather than just saying "this thing happened, i thought it was funny", develop the satirical, sarcastic or hyperbolic aspects of this situation. At the moment you sound like someone who is trying to tell a funny joke, but due to a lack of finesse it has gone down like a lead balloon.

2) If you think your article could be better, don't publish it until you are happy. Perhaps run it through a spelling and grammar checker if you think you have problems with this, after all, it's what they are there for.

3) Post something that other people are actually going to be interested in, or will find funny. If you're the only one of your group of mates who is intersted in this subject, I can guarantee even fewer of the readership will care.

4) Don't every apologise - people will just rip you to shreds.

Mar 23 2003 19:02

Noted and appreciated.

Mar 24 2003 09:32

The article has been updated one final time and I am quite proud of it now... I just want to thank my family and friends for supporting me through these last few traumatic days... especially my pet dog "Spike" who never stopped believing in me... looking forward to my next article? :-)

Mar 24 2003 10:47

I thought your article was ok...

And having found out you have a dog called Spike (snap, me too...), I think it's better! :-)

Mar 24 2003 11:14

Can we have congestion charging in College? Especially around the AT machines on the walkway. You could pay at Union reception, the JCR shop etc.. and special cameras with face recognition would be installed. Anyone changing their face would be severely reprimanded.

28. chris   
Mar 24 2003 11:18

And in the subway to the tube

29. Tim   
Mar 24 2003 17:15

And Exhibition Road. Too many school kids and tourists at the same time.

30. chris   
Mar 26 2003 09:16

And Brompton road. The route to McDonalds is forever blocked by slow moving tourists

31. Nia   
Mar 26 2003 10:44

And in the lifts in Mech Eng. Specially for (able bodied) people who only want to go up 1 or 2 floors.

32. Sam   
Mar 26 2003 12:54

Nah, the thing about those lifts in Mech Eng is that they are more conveniently located in my opinion than the stairs. I often use the lifts from level 2 to the guilds office on level 3 - call me lazy, but i've never actually bothered finding the nearest stairwell when the lifts are far more convenient.

33. Nia   
Mar 26 2003 13:13

Well, explains the size of your a**e if that's how lazy you are! :-)

34. Sam   
Mar 26 2003 17:20

My a**e is a product of evolution. Sitting at a desk all day, the most important consideration is to be confortable. I have honed that particular organ of my body to be over-padded, to provide a more comfortable seating experience.

I also find that to balance out my huge posterior, i needed to develop a counterweight in the stomach area...

At least that's my story and i'm sticking with it.

35. Editor   
Mar 26 2003 19:38

The last comment has been removed due to it's offensive remarks.

36. Dude   
Mar 27 2003 17:29

On behalf of the "racists", I would like to retract the previous statements made by "them". I would also like to give my unreserved apology to Mr. Ameet Bhakta. Although your article was boring, one should be free to express his or her own opinions. But, in the future Ameet, please ensure that the atricles written will be appreciated by the greater majority. And although I don't appreciate (my) comments being deleted, it's your job Ed and I respect that! Once again, Mr. Bhakta, thousands of apologies but next time write "better" articles. Cheers lads!


My girlfriend made me apologise and I'm trying to curb my racist tendencies.

37. sucker   
Mar 27 2003 19:19

I must say I quite liked the article, though I would suggest drafting your articles before you publish them.

38. tom t   
Mar 27 2003 22:59

I liked the article too. Makes a change fomr all the petty ULU politicking that goes on... Also I feel that cyclists are given a hard time: they cut the security staff, and then post them to stand by a gate all day to warn people of bikes. What a great use of tuition fees! Yet they still let White Van Men into IC to cut people up ruthlessly! Why only the other day some chap with golden earrings and a large merc sprinter almost knocked me into the path of hte rector - fortunately a security guard was available to avert disaster by writing a cheque for ?5000 thus distracting Sir Richard...

39. Myself   
Mar 28 2003 16:35

Having been knocked off my bike on the South Ken campus by a white van I thought this article was much more relevant to students at IC than all the silly politics that is usually on this site.

Mar 29 2003 17:39

This is what annoys me about being at such a "high quality educational establishment" - everybody thinks they're better than everybody else. C'mon guys, cheer up, it's a bit of light hearted fun. And to Ameet: the guy whose comment you replied to with "Noted and appreciated.

" is clearly a complete idiot. I'd put money on the fact that most people DO actually find it quite lighthearted and entertaining, it's just that a small minority who are only interested in the next stupid Union political scandal chose to rip it to shreds. Worth ignoring in my opinion. It'll make this site a better read!

41. Chris   
Apr 12 2003 18:32

Earlier comments:

Zebedee: "Can we have congestion charging in College?"

Tim: "And Exhibition Road. Too many school kids and tourists at the same time."

See and sign the petition


42. Chris   
Apr 14 2003 00:17

Page has been modified to be a petition against slow walking/walking in groups only and not anti tourists however it still serves the same purpose

43. tom t   
Apr 14 2003 10:16

WOW!!! I saw something amazing this morning! Not only had the college decided to save money in these dangerous times by not employing a security guard to chastise people entering college from the West, but they actually made entering easier for cyclists / motorcyclists by, get this, OPENING THE (bigger, designed for vehicles) GATE!!!!!!!!! Is this the first sensible thing I have seen happen at IC for four and a half years??!?!? Quite possibly! It'll be champagne in the security lodge tonight....

Apr 14 2003 19:40

Another bizarre thing happened today? it was about 5 o'clock, I was in the library toilets, washing my hands when this guy came next to me, started to run the taps on the other sink, then he pulled out a toothbrush and some toothpaste and started to brush his teeth!

Only at Imperial?

45. amram   
Apr 15 2003 00:05

We should be proud of having students with clean teeth. I knew a girl wo used to brush her teeth 6 times a day including between lectures. She had gorgeous teeth....

Apr 15 2003 00:28

"she used to brush her teeth 6 times a day". Why did she stop? Had she brushed all the enamel off?

47. amram   
Apr 15 2003 09:45

she probbly does still brush them -I'm not really sure as she went totaly insane and has not beeen seen for a while....

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