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Union! Revamped

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Apr 01 2003 00:40

After much deliberation and speculation within various ICU Committees, the branding of ICU has been altered to reflect the new values and attitudes of the Imperial College Brand

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Apr 01 2003 09:08

You have to be kidding....

BUT it is the 1st April :P

If it's not a April's Fool's Joke, then god help us all :-)

Apr 01 2003 09:09

Hmm...Found it, but I'm not telling.

*Phew* and I'd thought the Union had gone mad.

Apr 01 2003 10:09

Look at the acronym for the committee...

Apr 01 2003 10:43

The give - away is the "well -argued debate" :-P

Apr 01 2003 13:37

And what's happened to the Live! logo! Aaaaaaahhhhhh....

6. Sam   
Apr 01 2003 13:48

Live is a division of CGCU

CGCU is a division of ICU

ICU is a division of IC

You have been assimilated...

7. Mum   
Apr 01 2003 14:03

Ah now, just remember who runs this place!

We used to have a saying in Bath "Backstage runs the Union and the Union runs the world". ICU's a lot like BUSU in many ways..... :-)

I am now saddened by the fact that relations at present mean that I can't make the above comment in jest without worrying that it will spark *things*. :-( Ah well, I like making jokes so I'm going to say it anyway... :-p

Apr 01 2003 14:42

bT - or so i am always told....

Apr 01 2003 14:43

I see now. I was seeing the cached logo at home. thats what oliver was so worked up about. Nice. But is red in the allowed colour scheme?

Apr 01 2003 15:09

Hmmm, that text in the top left corner is really nasty...

Also, can anyone tell me what "Backstage" is??

Apr 02 2003 01:00

In case anyone didn't realise, that was an April Fool's joke.

Obviously the link to the Union website above won't mean much now, so if you're checking this out after April 1st:

  • where were you?
  • don't you check Live! daily?
  • check here to see what the joke was

Incidentally... note to the Editors: "Change the Live! logo back, it's hideous"

Apr 02 2003 11:39

And with a flick of my magic wand...

14. Mum   
Apr 02 2003 12:40

You be careful waving that thing around! You could have someone's eye out with that! Who do you think you are; Harry Potter?

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