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"S.T.R.R.E.S. More Threatening Than S.A.R.S."

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Apr 20 2003 16:25

A virulent and serious disease has been sweeping Imperial College campuses. Prompting new fears among students that despite the safety measures put in place the latest bout of S.T.R.R.E.S. in the lead up to the exams will prove to be uncontainable.

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1. amram   
Apr 20 2003 16:52

nice blonde...

wonder if she studies EE?

2. Sam   
Apr 21 2003 00:59

Bleh, I am the least STRRESed individual you know.

3. stef   
Apr 21 2003 13:13

'wonder if she studies EE?'

probably Biochem or Medicine

4. Sam   
Apr 21 2003 14:30

Dear Stef,

I find your stereotyping degrading and insulting...

There are loads of good looking women in the EE department - That's why i deliberately haven't passed my exams yet...


5. Sam   
Apr 21 2003 14:32

Or maybe it's why i'm going out with a lovely Medic ;o) ...

Although the guys in drag at the EE revue were particularly tasty (so i'm told)

Apr 21 2003 15:01

Well recovered Sam... nearly got yourself in trouble there.


Apr 22 2003 01:27

So if I suffer stress or catch SARS in the exam room can I sue college?

Apr 23 2003 11:12

It's official, I have the first official case of S.A.R.S at IC. The doctor diagnosed me with Severe Acute Revision Syndrome. Symptons include a strong aversion to work, and is higlhy contagious at this time of year.

Be warned.

9. steve   
Apr 23 2003 23:38

Severe Aversion (to) Revision Syndrome, shurely?

10. amram   
Apr 24 2003 12:53

does it count as "revision" if you are looking at your lecture notes for the first time ever???

11. mum   
Apr 24 2003 13:05

No, that's Vision. I don't think I ever REvised for my degree. :-)

Apr 25 2003 19:27

Nia are you as beautiful as you are witty???

13. amram   
Apr 27 2003 20:20

hello Mr. editor nice try :(

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