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Final Fortnight of Interhall Football League

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Apr 28 2003 13:41

Tension builds as the league season comes to its conclusion.

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Apr 28 2003 18:11

couldn't you get a better picture? the horsey "woman" aka ULU president is more intersting. At least Gaffer Gamgee gets a nice blonde. What about a strawberry blonde babe instead...

2. ant   
Apr 28 2003 18:43

ahhh so thats what the balls meant to look like (next you'll be saying we play on grass..) , and i think Wilson have got an excuse for fluctuating performance, there shirts do say "Imperial Medical school FC"....

Apr 28 2003 20:25

It's nice to know that you gave Linstead a mention worthy of our reputation. As for the standard of the games, something has to be done about infringements. We don't want a re-occurence of what happened after the Holbein/Willis Jackson-Linstead game do we?

May 02 2003 11:38

Hi Barry!

"Wilson came back the next year to dominate the league and inflict what is still Clayponds heaviest defeat" - this will remain in all our memories. For those of you who want to cast a look at this double-winning Wilson House team, check !! Many greetings to all and good luck for this year's teams!!

May 08 2003 18:12

Why no mention of either union team in your report Barry? Youre not still reveliing from that 3-nil defeat are you? See you in the play-offs...

May 12 2003 12:47

Final week of league results are in and the final table is online.

May 13 2003 18:04

no credit for mighty fisher? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO

8. olodo   
May 22 2003 19:46

could you please post the results of the C&G Football Tournament 2002-3?

May 22 2003 21:37

I would if I could, but I can't. I didn't run that tournament.

Jul 09 2003 23:16

The Story of pembridge:

I had the pleasure of actually playing for pembridge in all, well but one, of the totally diabolical, but unbelievably stupidly hilerious games of toga in which we happened to lose. As it happens, for those of you who think we're s**te, well yes, infact, we are, but also on the side, for about 15 of those games, we only fielded a side, half drunk most of the time, usually with the average turnout of 4 or maybe 6 players. These few had to be woke up with rape alarms thrown into their rooms i mite add. So, even though we did actually lose to brazabon, which is quite an achievement even for pembridge, keep in mind that there is no other team that could have possibly matched us for the biggest laugh that we had when playing 'football'. Sunday mornings just wont be the same again with all you serious boys and no pembridge jokers. Ahhh, the joy. Still, there is always the wilson house communal toss tisue to play with.

11. pedant   
Jul 10 2003 08:32

I hope those weren't the Union sponsored rape alarms - I'm sure you can figure out for yourself that they weren't intended to be used as an alarm clock for drunk people.

Tut tut tut!

12. Pete   
Jul 27 2003 20:55

Well, as Pembridge Captain I have to take some of the plaudits, though I am now a broken man. I just want everyone to know that zero points is a record that can't be beaten and hence I am proud. I don't know if we had more fun than everyone else, but when we lost 4-0 to Wilson on the last day of the normal season, we were the ones breaking out the beer and we were last off the pitch. Although the latter was because we were beating up our goalkeeper. Ah, the joy. Roll on next year.

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