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Guilds makes Heeps Honorary Member

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May 06 2003 18:17

C&G Exec vote unanimously to confer highest award upon the former ICU President.

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May 06 2003 18:48

"it's a measure of the man's great dedication to all students at Imperial College ? engineering or medic"

I think he should have said either "engineer or medic" or "engineering or medical"

"engineering or medic" is just wrong on so many levels.

2. amram   
May 06 2003 19:00

you can say "oh look he's a medic type of chap" or "oh look yonder he seems like an engineering type of chap"

May 06 2003 20:08

Highest Award?? Good for him.

Still think Heeps is a big mouth arrogant git who has no respect for the others.

Here you go. A better compliment from a proper Guildsman.

4. Dan L   
May 06 2003 20:33

Mr Sharpe,

I seem to remember saying to Mustafa "Engineer or Medic" when asked for a quote.

Obviously a misquote - such is life..

May 06 2003 21:56

No. I wrote down what you said when you said it. Unfortunately I subsequently got bored and put it through the shredder...

6. Sam   
May 06 2003 23:35

Whatever he said probably wasn't very interesting or useful anyway ;-)

May 07 2003 00:28

"The conferment of Honorary Membership is the highest award in C&G Union and has not been made for several years. Under existing policy it is only conferred upon individuals who are not C&G students. No-one is entirely sure when the last award was made since one of the sins of the C&G administration booted out by Mr Heeps was to bin almost the entirety of the Union?s archives."

Please don't remind me of the previous administrations!

If you would like I could rack my brains and get a list of Honorary Memberships from 1993. Previous administrations certainly can't bin me!

May 07 2003 11:18

Rob - so you are still around then? I thought you had moved to pastures new?

May 07 2003 15:15

Oh, I have :)

I just pop in every now and then!

10. Sam   
May 07 2003 19:01

Oi, Cope...

you're supposed to have gone as well...

(although at least you have a real job ;o)

11. poke   
May 07 2003 23:01


if we are going for people who should have gone. sam....

12. Mich   
May 08 2003 11:53

I have gone.. .Really I have!!!

13. Mich   
May 08 2003 11:54

Though I wouldn't say I had a "real" job... More like a cushy existence - for the moment :-)

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