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Snatches - 8/5/2003

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May 08 2003 23:17

A totally harmful non-column: Unique photo opportunity for Rector ; New Ball website; Pell endorses sweatshops;

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May 09 2003 10:11

Actually, it was the anonymous correspondent's colleague who took the picture, using the joys of a camera phone...

May 09 2003 11:03

get this - he was male!!!

the sordid story darkens!

3. ant   
May 09 2003 12:13

'the website that advertised it was exactly that, being in fact last year's'

ah but that was only sorted after the advertising had been released, the link originally went to stuff about election hustings...

May 09 2003 15:38

he's picture's gone...

someone has stolen it...

no longer are my toilet trips a pleasure....

May 09 2003 16:09

What a truly horrible thought!

6. simon   
May 10 2003 13:09

Get this, it's advertised as a four course, but the tickets page is a three course (i take from last year).

I dont think much of the description on the dinner page either.....when's the menu out ?

May 10 2003 14:48

looks like someone discovered 'copy and paste' but has yet to discover 'edit' and 'cut'. (ticket page mentions a stage...)

8. eddie   
May 12 2003 12:28

"more errors" yes. you have. I think you will find the union offices on level 1

Oh well...

May 12 2003 12:30

I would imagine the regalia would be more 1970s than 80s. You see, I don't think David Bowie would be seen dead in it :P

10. gary   
May 14 2003 13:09

"the link originally went to stuff about election hustings..."

A bit like this link still does?

11. 404   
May 14 2003 13:33

If you want a really bad website though, try

12. Sam   
May 14 2003 15:35

Actually gary, that's a little unfair, because if you type


it will direct you to the default page, which happens to be the news section - now stop bitching and do some project work or something.

13. gary   
May 14 2003 17:36

ah. ok, I'll let you off then ;-). For some reason IE seemed to remember that link from some point in the past.

May 14 2003 17:53

Yes, because /summerball used to redirect to /events/summerball.

So it *is* Sam's fault and you (Gary) should not let him off.

May 14 2003 17:59

The summerball website is probably quite fitting - I reckon the summerball is going to reflect the website perfectly: bland, boring and a generally poor attempt.

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