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Zellick to Crush UL Convocation

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May 14 2003 04:40

Vice-Chancellor Graham Zellick counts on Convocation plebiscite to close the book on the University Convocation.

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May 14 2003 05:34

Well... this is the same Graham Zellick who bans ULU from allowing New Election in its sabbatical elections.

May 14 2003 05:47

Not wishing to get myself or indeed anyone in trouble, but freedom of speech within the law allow me to not in English (but in Latin) say...

"Zellick is full of spucatum"

May 15 2003 12:47

It would be interesting to hear the view of any Imperial alumni that are members of this. I doubt if there are many, however, the only one I'm aware of is the legendary former RCSA President M C Black.

May 15 2003 15:13

... and equally legendary ICU Hon Sec

May 15 2003 16:25

Interestingly, if Convocation goes with the new Statutes, the University will have to make some changes to the Academic Dress - they are suggesting that everyone will get white silk-lined hoods and not just members of Convocation.

Still, I believe that all doctorates should be allowed to wear pheasents' feathers in the Tudor bonnets too. It would be nice touch!

6. idris   
May 15 2003 18:05

why give a scroll a hat?

i think you meant "doctors of philosophy" rather than "doctorates". Unless you habitually cloathe your writing pads.

May 15 2003 20:23

Just to be pedantic, the changes to the academinc dress have already been made, ie every graduate of the university is now entitled to wear the white silk lining without paying the money.

May 26 2003 05:01

The results are in from the referendum - a higher than expected turnout saw 85% of those support Zellick's new Statutes.

It is going to ULU Council as an emergency motion on Monday 2nd June (which co-incidently is being held at ICU).

9. idris   
May 27 2003 17:04

yay! so we can ll vote on something we don't have a snowball's chance in hell of influencing. politics at its best...

10. amram   
May 29 2003 01:23

Convocation- qu'est ce que c'est? live has finally been taken over by ultra dull hacks- where's tomt to argue something important with? I think Iran is America's new target...

11. Sam   
May 29 2003 05:55

I agree - but i'd like to extend that to anyone with oil, who doesn't kow-tow to the US regime.

(obviously not Saudi Arabia, because despite breeding most of Al-Quaeda, that's not a terrorist nation... noooo... never... Maybe you can't have terrorists and US bases in the same country... (or be a US Ally and sponsor terrorism (*cough*UK*cough*)))

12. Nia   
May 29 2003 15:39

Je ne comprende pas!

Why on earth should a bunch of random alumni have so much say in how the University is run anyway? Just because they did a degree there once upon a time doesn't necessarily mean they have any clue how to run a University!

Certainly the VC & chums need to be answerable to somebody - but surely they already are answerable to the rest of the University / society / the government and other funding bodies albeit in a less tangiable way.

I don't see why Zellick's proposals are so radical? What do they do at other Universities? I don't remember there being anything equivilent at Bath - the VC is answerable to the Univ Council who in turn are Governors of the Univ and hence required by law to be responsible for it and do their best to look after it....

Why do people seem to think these changes are a bad thing? Or am I misunderstanding things?

May 29 2003 15:53

Convocation doesn't do anything with the VC. It elects the Chancellor. (Like Oxford Convocation just elected Chris Patten as Chancellor in succession to Lord Jenkins.)

May 29 2003 16:02

Nia, it's not so much the changes. (Convocation doesn't do much anyway that isn't ceremonial.)

The trouble is that the VC sent a letter to all members saying "do you agree with the changes to the statutes". He didn't actually say that the changes would mean abolition. This is a little, well, dodgy.

15. Sam   
May 29 2003 16:31

"This is a little, well, dodgy"





underhand tactics,

ungentlemanly conduct,





Zellick is such a multi talented individual...

16. Nia   
May 29 2003 17:03

I don't even understand all those words....... :-(

17. Sam   
May 31 2003 12:03

They are all compliments - try them on your supervisor ;o)

18. Nia   
May 31 2003 14:30

Would it be impolite to suggest that you might have used a thesaurus Sam?

Anyway says......

PERFIDIOUS adj : tending to betray; especially having a treacherous character as attributed to the Carthaginians by the Romans; "Punic faith"; "the perfidious Judas"; "the fiercest and most treacherous of foes";

MENDACIOUS 1. Given to deception or falsehood; lying; as, a mendacious person.

On another note, Etienne - I've given it some thought and decided that emaciated is a horrible word.

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