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Tories: The Party for Students?

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Jun 15 2003 17:45

The Conservative Party promises a return to "proper education".

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1. idris   
Jun 16 2003 11:52

Hmmmm.... abolish all "taxes on learning". Broad enough to sound impressive but vague enough to not mean anything: watch this space for multiple redefinition of "taxes" and "learning".

Of course the NUS' position stinks but what's new about that?

Jun 17 2003 13:58

Please, could someone edit these articles?

Jun 17 2003 16:24

Yes - Mike Foster actually said "penalise Universities which..."


Jun 17 2003 17:29

That's fixed... Any more additions/omissions, let us know.

Jun 20 2003 17:15

"Of course the NUS' position stinks but what's new about that?"

Doesn't if you think about it - tory policy is to pay for abolition of fees by closing or cutting back ex-polys - and ex-poly students are NUS members, unlike you. Why should the NUS support that?

6. Alon   
Jun 29 2003 23:55

Of course students prefer free education - but there's implications by the Tory plan.

Education costs. In a more ideal world, with no Tory party, universities could be properly funded via income tax. However, there are many other public services with many demands - so if tax was raised, no sensible government would shove it all into higher education when people still come out of school with under 5 GCSEs.

So the choice is this - pay a relatively small amount once you're earning and allow more people the opportunity to go to university; or be selfish, cut university funding and places - and hope that your children make it into the few good universities remaining.

7. Sam   
Jun 30 2003 10:58

Having started repaying the ?11,000 i have borrowed over 3 years at the extortionate rate of about ?1 per week, i'm grateful that my debt is low by a lot of people's standards.

I am in favor of direct borrowing, where the amount i repay is equivalent to the amount i have borrowed, but i am opposed to an indescriminate graduate tax. I am a firm believer in a "user pays" methodology, with the caveats that repayment must be linked to borrowing, and structured such that it makes no impact on low earners such as those entering pulic service, charitable works or simply cannot find a suitable graduate job.

However I think that people who undertake useless degrees (ala. Surfing Studies) and the like, which have no impact on further employment should not be subsidised by the government. The target of 50% of people entering higher education is unrealistic, and serves only to dilute the pot for those undertaking the more rigourous degree disciplines. The decline of Polytechnics and vocational courses means that practical subjects less suited to formal Degrees are being taught on the same level as theoretical disciplines.

I would suggest that any government should abandon such an artificial statistical target, refocus on Vocational Courses, supported by industry and leave University degrees to the more traditional subjects.

8. tom t   
Jul 01 2003 19:49


Can someone PAY for the Andy Heeps strapline to be removed from the Live! website, it's making me positively want to leave! How much does it cost to get it substituted? Can anyone tell me!!!! Hasn't he left yet?

9. Sam   
Jul 01 2003 22:31

If you're talking about the advert way up ^ here... You can't remove it. It will never leave. It will pop up when you least expect it...

bit like Andy really.

Jul 02 2003 17:52

Well, the Tories DO have the same policy as ICU...

So said the EGM and Council


11. tom t   
Jul 02 2003 19:56

well the Greens had that policy well before ICU, the Tories, and probably Old Labour... but how could people interested in social justice be taken seriously by the brits?

12. idris   
Jul 03 2003 23:12

"of course the NUS' position sucks"

ie; doing bugger all to stop the imposition of tuition fees and their rather weak efforts to fight back now.

i stand by my implication that they're a bunch of uselss proto-cabinet ministers.

13. idris   
Jul 03 2003 23:13

I'll admit that disagreeing with the Tories is probably a good thing, but on it's own it doesn't exactly amount to a coherent contribution to the debate, does it?

14. Bloo   
Nov 29 2004 21:27

"The decline of Polytechnics and vocational courses means that practical subjects less suited to formal Degrees are being taught on the same level as theoretical disciplines."

  • But don't forget polytechnics taught "academic" subjects as well - English Literature, Art etc were fixtures of polytechnics. And Polytechnics awarded degrees - so I think you need to check your facts there before misrepresenting what polytechnics actually did.

If someone does a degree in Golf Course management and gets a job as a golf course manager - wheres the problem..

15. Steve   
Nov 30 2004 09:07

"If someone does a degree in Golf Course management and gets a job as a golf course manager - wheres the problem.."

I'd would have said the problem is that I'm sure you learn a lot more about managing a Golf Course by actually doing it.

As anyone who has already Graduated knows a degree is only part of what is needed to be good at your job. I don't think some courses need three years of study to do them but do need many many years of training. The two are different

16. ...   
Dec 04 2004 00:09

I'm voting lib dem at the next election

They will not get into power so no flawed policies will be my fault for electing the wrong party

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