Wed 21 Feb 2018
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Girls in Engineering Faculty shock!!

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Jul 01 2003 18:38

Let’s face it, there aren’t many of us with ovaries in the Engineering faculty. “The Green Design Challenge” attempted to lure young women in with ‘fun’ dressed up as ‘engineering’ (or the other way round?)

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Jul 01 2003 19:26

What about attracting Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Trans into the field of eigneering?

We ought to squeeze money out from ULU for our new campaign!

2. tom t   
Jul 01 2003 19:43

Indeed! We should be doin more of this! The only reason I didn't become an engineer is because I didn't really know what it entailed (sob sob) but in retrospect....

What I can't believe is that MechEng hasn't got the cash to run such a programme without having to plaster Shell's name all over it. Those young impressionable schoolgirl teens will just come away thinking that Shell really do give a s**t...

Somehow, me thinks not.

BTW, are the turbines available for eneral public viewing, or will I have to rummage in the skip out back?

Jul 02 2003 16:40

Never too late to be an Engineer Tom.

We are heading for a skills shortage in the Science, Engineering and Techology sectors unless the trend that we see of less and less pupils doing Science and Maths A-Levels reverses. There's been a 30% decrease in pupils taking Physics and Maths A-levels in the last decade...

More on this and on other Engineernig campaigns such as WISE on the ETB (Engineering Technology Board) website

4. tom t   
Jul 02 2003 19:58

Cheers Atul - I shall bing this up at the next Londonwide Sustainable Careers Fair meeting we have with a view to improving the attraction to engineering disciplines from a female perspective...

5. Mike   
Jul 02 2003 23:55


This encouraging girls into Engineering sounds like a fantastically cunning plan to me. You kill two birds with the proverbial singular stone as the girls can also attract more boys providing even more Engineers to run the world.


Jul 03 2003 02:07

Engineers just don't know the first principles of science!

Scientists are always right... thats why engineers cant make it work.

7. Nia   
Jul 03 2003 15:09

Tom, the turbines are on display in the Blyth Art gallery, 5th floor of Sherfield.

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