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Beach Bonanza

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Jul 03 2003 23:39

A week into the holidays, undergrads gone and the obligatory end of term alcohol poisoning nearly passed, gives an opportunity to remember the best night at the Union for quite a while?..

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1. Jon   
Jul 04 2003 11:31

If the stage is set up like it was last year for clubs to show off in freshers fair it should stay for the evening for a similar type of night!

Other than the f*ck up meaning we were sat in dB's for about 20min waiting to be stamped it was a quality night out and a brilliant end to the year, why not start next year the same way?

Jul 04 2003 11:45

"1000 or so revealers". A typo, or were there really that many girls in bikinis?

Jul 04 2003 11:56

Noted and corrected. Thanks for pointing that out Alex.

Jul 04 2003 13:42

I didn't see anyone in a bikini.

Very disappointed :)

Jul 04 2003 14:01

You were not looking in the right direction then Ameet....


6. Paul   
Jul 07 2003 12:40

First things first, after the recent discussions about the summer ball I would like to say congratulations to DramSoc - it looked and sounded really good tho I didnt get chance to play outside (despite providing half the DJ equipment!!).

Jon - sorry for the wait in dBs but sadly it was necessary to herd all ticket holders into one area so the non-ticket holders could be cleared from the venue. Quite why there wasn't a bar open in there is a mystery to me tho!

As for freshers week... it WILL be good. The truth is it will be the first 'different' freshers week for about 10 years after the setup adopted a few years ago will FINALLY be scrapped! As for the stage... im sure it can be done. Everyone sat outside enjoyed it as did everyone who played on the stage (including MJ Mac... AKA iCU ents manager!!), so it shouldnt be too difficult to get it back!

7. Jon   
Jul 07 2003 12:47

Excellent more bikini's though!

8. Paul   
Jul 07 2003 13:45

Jon, Ill try to get the boss to do a mail-out to all new freshers over the summer telling them to bring their bikinis ok? ;o)

9. Nikki   
Jul 07 2003 13:51

And how many men came in swim shorts...? Did my first couple of sets in a bikini but was damn cold so had to cover up :(

luv that really annoying girly dj

10. Jon   
Jul 07 2003 19:46

My shorts were in the wash :-) I did wear a really c**p shirt though, reminicent of loud shirt wednesday...

Jul 08 2003 13:26


What exactly would you like to FINALLY change about Freshers Week?

12. Paul   
Jul 08 2003 14:42

Freshers week has been almost identical for at least 5 years now (and thats just the time Ive been around).... Come on, are we not getting bored of Hugh Lennon yet? It needs a bit of a shake-up to add a bit of variety and make it seem 'special' (and not the same old stuff recycled).

There has never been an emphasis on getting in top quality entertainment because 5 years ago the students were happy with running a week of cheese nights. This is no longer the case and noone has seen the need to improve this since. This year on the friday we even ended up with 2 cheese rooms playing the same music! So, whilst Im sure 'cheese' will stay to an extent, Im sure we will be looking at widening the range of music and entertainment on offer, taking in some big name DJs and acts along the way. Whilst other universities offer Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold and sets by current top pop acts we have never had anything like it and have usually made do with just the student DJs. Freshers week is the most important week to attract freshers to the union and set an impression, and I have spoken to so many this year who were put off coming just by seeing the non-existent lineup!

Also, more importance needs to be put on the saturday they arrive. Its always just been seen by the union as a night when no effort needs to be made because 'they will come anyway' and therefore doesnt get much funding. However, this year was a disaster - it was almost empty by 11pm because the entertainment was c**p and we lost most of the new students before the union even started providing for them properly!

Jul 08 2003 16:48

I just think it is a shame that the Union can't/ won't get the extended licence on the Friday of Freshers week (to 3am) like they did in the "good old days"...

P.S. Whenever people have tried to get "big" names in the past they've been generally vetoed on cost grounds.

14. Paul   
Jul 08 2003 17:07

I cant say I remember a 3am licence on the friday of freshers week... guess I was too drunk... ;o) You have to remember westminster council are getting more and more a**ey and ultimately we have to go through them for the extended licences. I think its generally considered that we are pushing our luck a bit after also looking for extensions on the saturday and monday. Having said that, we got one for the christmas carnival til 3am so maybe....

As for 'big' names...

1) It has been proven this year to the 'authorities' that we need to spend money on them to draw people in.

2) We are fortunate enough to have people with contacts in the entertainment industry enough to get us the 'names' for much cheaper than they should be.

15. Editor   
Jul 08 2003 17:09

Comments edited re: staff-student protocol.

Jul 08 2003 17:27

Nah, you just havn't been here long enough to remember the 3am finishes! They occurred pre-Public Entertainment Licence when we had to apply on a weekly basis for late nights. Those were the days...

...but those were also the days when we had random bands in doing acts and people like the weirdos who put hooks through their willies and hung weights from them...

... I feel old!

Editor - why remove part of a post for staff-student protocol purposes in this instance???

17. Paul   
Jul 08 2003 18:00

Dont worry.... my response to the deleted comment was also deleted!!!

Eu... people putting hooks in their willies... and angle-grinding their crotch.... and piercing their cheeks... Yeah, I remember that, just wasnt involved with ents at the time!!

You bring back disturbing memories...

18. Editor   
Jul 08 2003 18:23

Comments on icu staff performance are not allowed on Live! and your comments got a bit close... Sorry!

Jul 08 2003 21:12

"There has never been an emphasis on getting in top quality entertainment..."

This is a scurrilous lie! - I believe Jimi Hendrix played at IC when still with us, and the fabulous Queen had their first gig at the Union.

Unfounded sweeping generalisations such as Paul's make it too easy to point out why he's wrong!

Jul 08 2003 23:06

Quite right. Plenty of big names played at ICU in the '70s and '80s.

Since then we've become more oriented towards DJs - apparently because that's more what students want. Most other UL Colleges have done the same. With the exception of some club/society events, live bands have essentially become the preserve of ULU. Whether this is good or bad, I cannot say.

Jimi Hendrix played in the at the Summer Carnival in the days when it was run by Carnival Committee (which consisted of the CCU Vice-Presidents and an elected Carnival Chair).

21. Paul   
Jul 09 2003 00:02

I wish Queen and Jimi Hendrix had played in the time period I was making reference to (the last 5 years or so)... that would have been impressive (if slightly disturbing considering their current states). I know the union has a reputation for attracting big names in the past, but I can only comment on the time I have spent here! In that time I have seen freshers week events deteriorate in quality due to a lack of originality. A week of JUST student DJs (oh, and Kerrang! DJs I seem to remember... ahem...) just isnt appealing enough to the students anymore, but I have no doubt things will change for the coming year!

Main problem: providing a cheap venue is no longer sufficient to atract people as there are too many places prepared to compete. Therefore ents now has to improve (and has been steadily over this year!).

Jul 09 2003 09:40

What's wrong with Kerrang?

I like rock and metal - much better than that Garage a**e they insist on playing at the Union! Hence why myself (and my mates) don't bother going to Union events - all the tracks played are the musical (for want of a better adjective) equivalent of nails scraping along a blackboard to me.

Bring back guitar bands!!

Jul 09 2003 09:47

Ooooh, and the comedy. That used to have a great attendence on a Friday night - I guess that's because being at IC makes it almost essential to ensure you have a good laugh sometimes :-)

24. Paul   
Jul 09 2003 10:15

Comedy: yeah friday comedy used to be good. It was moved to thursday to stop it clashing with the club nights, tho the idea didnt really work too well in practice. Maybe putting that back as it was (tho maybe a bit earlier) may be a good idea.

Yeah, a bit more 'guitar music' might be nice (I grew up on it myself!), tho at the moment it doesnt appeal to enough people. The Kerrang! guys were just a bit too heavy to be accessible to anyone but die-hard rock fans which led to a maximum of about 30 on the dancefloor (in a 450 capacity room in freshers week!!). Hopefully we may be able to incorporate it more in future as it inevitably undergoes a resurgence (sic?). Nu-metal kinda killed it this time!!

Whats this 'garage' you talk about? We havent run a garage night for 2 and a half years.... or is that the last time you attended the union!! ;o)

Anyway, keep the comments and suggestions coming... contrary to popular belief ents do actually listen to them and act on them if they sound good!

Jul 09 2003 10:59

more "bling bling" nights


Jul 09 2003 17:14


Bling bling nights are c**p!

Garage=R&B=Drum and Bass as far as I am concerned: sorry if I get my terminology confused, but I reckon they are all equally pants.

Jul 09 2003 18:18

"Nooooo"? Can we not have guitary-Kerrangy things AND R&B AND Garage? ('though possibly not all in the same place at the same time ;-))

1. There's generally more than one room doing entsy stuff during frewshers week.

2. a night is more than 1 set long

3. Is there any particular reason why ents stuff seems to be restricted to wed/fri? More nights of the week could = more variety available.

4. There's more than one Fri/Wed each term........

There's a massive variety of musical tastes out there so it would be nice to see this vaugly reflected in what the Union provides. Hopefully more people would feel that the Union was doing *something* that they liked....

In the same breath, there is such a wide variety and people can be quite picky. I've observed over my 6 years of studenthood that a) people always complain that their Union doesn't provide the kind of music they like b) attempts to do music nights that are not mainstream pop/cheese seem to attract fewer punters (I am generalising).

So I would certainly say -don't ditch the cheese completely. It seems to be the one music genre that's inoffensive enough to not put people off coming (although they will winge for an eternity that they don't like it) - whereas the live bands / R&B type nights specifically attract only those people who are into that kind of music.

As for big names: I rather suspect that when Queen did their first gig and when Jimi was at ic, they weren't big names. Spotting and getting in up and coming names will get good music but won't attract the punters in the way that an actual big name will. Actual big names will cost more and I guess ticket prices would have to reflect that particularly given limits to venue capacities (or Great Hall anyone?) - the question is, do we think people will pay?

Jul 09 2003 18:44

Jimi was famous when he played at IC. He was living in Kensington at that stage.

He was probably also stoned when he agreed to play at IC - so we probably didn't pay him much!

Jul 09 2003 21:23

Clapton lives in London as well (rumours: Old Church Street). Just say its for charity for kids who died accidentally, he will come and play a few tunes.

Sorry...Jimi lived at 23 Brook Street, Parklane. Not in Kensington. :-)

30. Paul   
Jul 09 2003 22:50

Nia, yes we can have pretty much everything!!

1. Yes, more than one room = more than one style of music. One usually has to be cheese, but the other can be varied.

2. Yes, a night is more than one set long, but it has been proven you cant mix styles too much in one room (Dolly Mixtures anyone!!!). R&B + Hip-Hop + Garage (UK) is about as far as you can go!!

3. Yes there is.... (a) wed + fri = only 2 nights we can get late licenses on - no late license and the events dont take off... (b) friday = end of week, wed = sports day.... none of the other nights are ever popular enough to be worthwhile!

4. Yes, hence why fridays currently take in house, d&b, R&B, hip-hop, cheese, 70s, 80s, UK garage with jazz, funk and chillout upstairs. Wednesdays are traditional cheese nights... we get complaints if we dont!!

And your last 3 paragraphs... yes, yes, yes. You got it bang on in every respect!!

Jul 10 2003 16:15

Music to one can be noise to another...It's hard to satisfy everyone so a bit of everything might be the best way to go..

The Wednesday Cheese formula is great and goes down well midweek with all the post-match sport celebrations and all the other revellers.

As for Queen and Jimi Hendrix, I am sure the die hard fans will know this better but...Queen were playing as "Smile" in the early years at IC and they did also play here later as "Queen" but were still probably not that well known then anyway.

The "Jimi Hendrix Experience" played while Hendrix was at the peak of his career if he'd already started living in England.

I am all up for the revival of guitar music! ULU does indeed have some top acts playing there and it is good to see at least somewhere in London, SU's can still host big acts.

Jul 10 2003 17:06

I'm interested to see all the talk about the Jimi Hendrix Experience appearing at the Union, as I researched the whole story for the autumn 1997 issue of the CGCA journal 'Imperial College Engineer'. The gig took place on Saturday 13 May 1967. The Experience were already pretty big in England but the fee (?300, a considerable sum then) agreed when they were booked some months earlier would have been less than their market value on the night - and much less than they would have expected in the summer of 1967, by which time performances such as the Monterey pop festival were making them equally famous in the USA. According to someone I spoke to who saw the gig at Imperial, Smile played support. I don't think they were exactly an early version of Queen, but the band featured Roger taylor as well as Brian May.

Jul 12 2003 14:04

Re: Queen/Smile

From memory - Brian May was on Desert Island Discs last summer; he started Smile while at IC, did various gigs here and elsewhere, but then that band sort-of folded and he started Queen with some of the ppl from Smile. At that point, Freddy Mercury got involved, Brian May decided to ditch his PhD in Astrophysics, and I think you can extrapolate from there!

34. Dan L   
Jul 13 2003 00:27

Interesting to hear people's comments on the stage.

Since there has been no order for a stage for Fresher's Week it looks unlikely that there will be anything outside. (I say this with my Technical Director of DramSoc hat on...)

35. Jon   
Jul 13 2003 11:32

Order it then :-)

36. Paul   
Jul 13 2003 12:36


Its not too late to order the stage is it? It went down so well on the night, and it seems people want it back for freshers week, so we are going to pester the boss about it in the next week or two!! It would be great if the new student's first impression of the union was that!!

Dan, have it on standby... PLEASE!!! ;o)

37. Dan L   
Jul 13 2003 15:22

I would agree it was a huge success, and we enjoyed doing it. However what it comes down to is money.

For Fresher's week the rest of the building, UCH, foyers, roof need stuff too. Bear in mind the carnival was one night only in the quad, and Fresher's week is over 6 days long.

In theory that should mean 3 times the money to do it but that doesn't happen... We will see.

38. Paul   
Jul 13 2003 16:22

Yes, true. But in this case I think it would be money well spent. I honestly believe that by spending a little bit more on providing a really good first impression of the union (and I dont JUST mean the stage here), the loyalty and reputation we would get from that would pay us back even more!

For example, if we leave people wanting to come to the union after freshers week then we could maybe expect the average friday attendance to rise by about 200 (an extra ?300 a week!). Also, if people WANT to come to the union then they will be prepared to pay more to get in so we could set our entry price to be closer in line with similar venues (say ?3... kings and UCL charge ?5 I believe.... we charge ?1.50!!). So, by my calculations this would generate an extra ?45k over the year before even taking into account the bar takings!!!

I may be getting carried away here but you see my point!!

39. Dan L   
Jul 13 2003 22:06

Very true. People come back to somewhere they get a good impression of.

However it is not me who gets a choice on how much money we have to spend.

40. Paul   
Jul 13 2003 22:35

Hehe, yeah I realise that!! ;o)

I need to speak to 'the boss' and maybe 'the big boss' to see what we can do...

41. fly   
Jul 14 2003 09:04

Why charge students more though....first off, we're not meant to be fleecing them at the door, and I think a fiver to come to the Union is a little extortionate. Also, when there are plenty of other decent clubbing-like venues that stay open later and cost about a fiver to get in before 11, we'd be a little stoopid to assume that just because we're the Union our students will come to us.

While everything Paul has said makes sense from a purely business perspective, we should remember that we're not really supposed to price our students out of being able to come to the Union, and I know enough people who will only spend a tenner max on a night out (because they simply don't have the cash), who would not bother coming any more.

42. Paul   
Jul 14 2003 14:04

I dont think ?3 (as I suggested) is 'extortionate' and will 'price people out' of coming to the union... it would just put us on a slightly more level playing field with other london unions. Kings charges ?5, only ever have student DJs, only opens 1h later than us yet still regularly sells out, so I dont see this being a problem.

Also Im not suggesting 'fleecing' them at the door.... you have to remember the 'profit' doesnt just line someones pocket... it goes back into the events themselves. So, that would be ?45k more we could spend on improving the events and making them more attractive.

Finally, there may be club venues which charge ?5 before 11pm on a friday... how much do you then have to spend on the drinks?

Jul 14 2003 17:12

I remember the days when ICU used to sell out every Friday...

Those were in the days when dB's was smaller, the capacity was around 800, there was not PEL and the comedy was on a Friday. But hey, those were also the days of the ?1 curries.

You have to hit the right balance between spending money and seeing an improvement and spending good money after bad (see current Government for advice on how this works).

Bearing in mind that last year seems to be the first (since 1996 as far as I know) that the first Sat of Freshers week has not sold out, you need to look at the cause of that and work from there. Were re-apps given drinks vouchers like they were previously? Were they given posters to put up around the halls? During the year have there been as many give-aways as there used to be - not just from the bar but from ents (quite often they were linked with the comedy)

If you are going to put the prices up on Wed and Fri you really are going have to go along the lines of well advertised drinks promotions like every other student union seems to have. Controversial I know!

44. Paul   
Jul 14 2003 17:46

Aaargh.... dont get me started on drinks promotions... we have been saying exactly that to the bars for about 2 years now!! You can now get ?1/vodka shot+mixer whenever they decide to bother running the advertised promotion!! ;o)

I agree we need some promotions, but I still think ?3 entry would be reasonable if we started providing better entertainment (bands, known DJs etc..) which the price increase on a friday would allow us. I dont think wednesday really needs to change as I doubt the format will!

As for freshers saturday... I think it did sell out early, but everyone left after realising it was c**p and the big queue waiting to get in couldnt because there was no 1 in 1 out!!

45. Nia   
Jul 14 2003 18:34

Happy 'hour' 4-7pm on a friday! Everyone piles in there cos a drink to start the weekend is a nice relaxing thing. Then by 7/8ish lots of people are feeling quite mellow and decide to stay 'another drink' etc etc....

46. sporty   
Jul 15 2003 12:50

Let's face it, our union is never going to pull in many people from outside IC until we get more women in the union, and attractive ones at that.

Some sort of cross-branding synergy with a cash strapped Russia, perhaps?

Jul 15 2003 21:53

Hmmm, that outdoor stage....

I'd stick my 2p in by saying an outdoor stage is a great idea, though I would personally have put cheese on it rather than d&b - but that's just going from the times I have seen the quad full or people dancing to cheese. ALthough the quad had a lot of people in it at the beach party, not all that many were dancing.

And it's kinda fun to set up looked wicked and the sound rig was just stunning :o) Considering it was the first ever outdoor trial of that system anywhere in the world I was kinda proud!

Dan, you know of course our rig is available for fresher's if you need extra systems....(and will someone please reverse the power switch on the old pa so instead of saying "ON" it says "NO".....sorry, couldn't resist the dig..)


Jul 16 2003 09:38

Only problem with the stage during Freshers week would be the poor souls who pay huge amounts of cash to live in Beit. I know it is Freshers week and they should be out partying, but the chances are that the halls will be full of those students that would not be interested in the Union.

If at all, Jon Marangos would probably only agree to have the stage on the first Sat or on the Friday rather than throughout the week.

Same could be said for the very rich souls who live in the posh flats around the RAH.

This is probably not a new idea, and the above is probably the reason it hasn't been done before. Or it could be because it always rains in October!

49. Paul   
Jul 16 2003 10:06

Yeah, there is that to consider, especially the RAH mansions (why exactly did you buy a flat next to a student union in the first place?!?).

I have to disagree about the Beit residents if this year was anything to go by - they were normally the ones who kept the union going. We have 3 DJs, a couple of ents tech people, and numerous bar staff and stewards who lived in beit last year, and whenever you went in you could pretty much guarantee at least one large group of beit hall residents would be there drinking/dancing!

I think as long as we keep the volume reasonable and end the outside music by 12 it should be ok. As someone mentioned earlier, we could also use the stage for other things during the week such as freshers fair demonstrations etc.

Jul 16 2003 10:17

I half agree with Paul - yes if you keep the volume reasonable and end the stage by 12 you should be OK, but also just because some Beit residents are in the Union on a night out, that doesn't mean that the rest of them will be too. Careful discussions with the warden will be the way forward, and plenty of tact during the week, as well as ensuring that the stage DOES go off at 12...

Also remember that usually the first people to get barked at will be the stewards (or at least it was in "my day".....)


Jul 16 2003 10:50


"In my day", oh dear, you really are begining to sound very old ;-)

Though you are right (it had to happen some time!)

Now "in my day"...



Jul 16 2003 10:53

Mich, in your day dinosaurs were walking the earth!!! :oP

Jul 16 2003 10:58


The dinosaurs were much more pleasant than the dragons you brought with you when you arrived...

Jul 16 2003 11:05


Jul 16 2003 11:23

Mike, I think we had better get back to work now, before these poor people think that we were around in the days pre-Dave Parry :-p

Dave, those days exist, don't they?

56. Jon   
Jul 16 2003 14:42

This year the stage was up for freshers fair anyway, just didn't have any sound system if I remember right... I just think that, as this year we spent a lot of time out in the quad during freshers week, it would be good to have stuff outside as well as in dB's when there's an event organised. I wasn't suggesting having it there ALL week...

57. Nia   
Jul 16 2003 14:55

Ah, so many toys! It would be really good to have be able to spend the money on a really impressive freshers week to sell the Union to them. Wonder if any companies would be interested in sponsoring it...

Jul 16 2003 15:37

If we had he cash to spare I'd lend you the rig for the week...but alas...!


59. Gary   
Jul 16 2003 16:09

There was a PA in the quad last freshers week (as I spent all afternoon operating it). It was only nice and quiet tho so as not to upset anyone...

60. Dan L   
Jul 16 2003 17:37

In reply to Jon:

Yes there was a stage in Fresher's Week last year but that is all it was. There was no lighting or roof (like this summer) and given the superb english weather I think October would require one.

As for affording it, that is probabally impossable unless there is more cash.

61. Jon   
Jul 16 2003 21:22

As a fresher this year I was unimpressed with the Union events, I went out clubbing in central London for most of the first few weeks instead. I'd probably never bother going to the union at all if I hadn't joined the Rugby club... Would be nice if we could get more people (ladies) along from the new freshers ;)

Jul 17 2003 11:15


"In my day..."

"... and what, precisely, is this phonograph of which you speak?"

Jul 19 2003 01:26

no way.....Jimi Hendrix once performed at IC??? And Brian May was doing a PhD at IC???? Oh man I wish I was born in the 50's.

Anyway, I'm gonna be a fresher come October, so I really do hope fresher's week will be enjoyable. I'm wondering tho, with London being a centre for the arts and music etc., is it really that difficult to find a cheap upcoming band? I mean I have a friend who went to see Groove Armada for 10 quid. I was amazed.....and this was like half a year ago too.

Oh, and please have some nice guitar music? I bet Radiohead would attract a lot of students.

Jul 19 2003 06:34

hello,everbody!Can you give me some suggestions?I want to have further education in your school and join you.I know you all have a good time in Imperial Colledge.Is business course good in your school.I notice that the professors of business weren't awarded this year.what do you think about that?wait for your response.:)

65. Paul   
Jul 19 2003 11:10


Dont tell me... just back from Glastonbury?

Radiohead... do you mean them to play live or just for us to play their music? Live would be nice, but by my calculations would probably mean a ticket price of around ?500 to break even, and even then half the people would be disappointed because of room capacities! If someone started playing Radiohead in a club I think I would actually try to kill myself... if we go 'guitar music' it would have to be proper rock!

Up and coming bands are not too easy to get here... the sort of bands who play unis elsewhere know they can sell 10 times more tickets in London so want to go for bigger venues (Astoria, Empire etc.). Also (cue controversy) as we are not NUS affiliated we do not have access to NUS ents who regularly host university tours from breaking bands and DJs which means we really cant compete with ULU and Kings in terms of bands!

Anyway, keep the suggestions flowing... its nice to get feedback from new freshers before they arrive so we can try to provide for them in freshers week!

Jul 19 2003 12:06

Ok, firstly Saxon Tse, I dont go to Imperial yet, but from what I gather, as a science college, you probably won't get the greatest business course you can get all I think. I do believe that courses that combine say engineering with some management, business etc. are quite good, but otherwise probably best to go to say warwick or lse. (I hope I'm allowed to direct students to competing unis- they won't take away my offer now will they?)

As for Radiohead, um I don't really know what Glatsonbury or something is, I live in Belgium, but I assume it's a rock festival and I did actually see them at another festival a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, I kinda figured Radiohead wouldn't be the best choice or possible to play. I'd tell you what I would like hearing personally, but then again that's just my personal taste, which not too many people I know share as strongly as I do. However, one question: what is NUS exactly and why isn't ic affiliated with it?

However, one idea to think about- I'm guessing that all the foreign students that will be coming next year will be attracted relatively easily into the union. Just a guess of course, but it seems that since they come from some completely different country, something like the union is a good way to settle in, get to know others, instead of just roaming randomly around London.

And as for the comments that whatever money you invest in fresher's week will be returned because of a larger membership- it'd be worthwile conveying this to those who control budget!!

67. Paul   
Jul 19 2003 12:25

Oops... Glastonbury is the country's biggest music festival, is often associated with hippies and had Radiohead playing this year. I was just assuming from the name and talk of Radiohead... :os

Business school: they only do postgrad courses or modules in other UG courses right? I imagine its a lot of hard work but worthwhile in the end - its the way with everything in IC (sorry, Imperial).

NUS: National Union of Students - all but about 3 or 4 english unis are part of it - we are one of the minority! They are supposed to provide a 'national voice' for students, as well as providing deals for ents and bars of affiliated unis. Also a lot of student discount offers in the UK are 'NUS-only', so not having an NUS card means you cant take advantage of them. However, it costs the union money to be part of it, and ICU feel its not worth the money to join! Search the Live! website for 'NUS' for various stories on referendums and pros and cons of us joining!

As for the budget for freshers week, i will try!!

68. ...   
Jul 19 2003 14:07

I was under the impression (talking as a student at Imperial) that our management courses were pretty top notch here - but feel free to correct me Hippieman.

Probably best to read the prospectus for details about entry to those courses though.

69. ...   
Jul 19 2003 14:09

Oooh, and we're not a 'science college' - we do Engineering and Medicine here too, as well as History of Science, Science Communication and Management. I think about 70% of the college will be somewhat disgruntled at Imperial being labelled 'science only'.

70. Jon   
Jul 19 2003 17:24

As far as I know currently our only management courses are Masters for people who've already done their Bachelors... This should change when the Tanaka building is finished though?

71. Sam   
Jul 19 2003 18:23

The Imperial MBA Course is one of the best in the country (and commands a correspondingly large fee...)

The Management School is probably rated as one of the 2nd or 3rd in London (according to my Father who teaches MBA programs elsewhere)

As to Management within other degrees, it's a requirement of most Accredited degrees (the IEE demand it for certain) - so you combine the excellent degrees from whatever Imperial Department you're in, with teaching from one of the best Management Schools in London and you end up with some of the finest degrees - so there ;oP

72. Sam   
Jul 19 2003 18:25

interestingly though, you don't necessarily need a first degree to be accepted onto an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) course...

And i think our Royal Charter prohibits teaching anything other than Science, Engineering and Medicine as first degrees - but i honestly can't be bothered to check if i am right.

Jul 19 2003 23:20

Ok excuse me I take back what I I said I'm not even attending Imperial yet.

As for my calling the college a science university, apologies, I am actually take engineering myself, it's just that I kind of consider it (and most of the other courses Imperial teaches) as falling under the sciences (well certainly not the languages).

74. Jon   
Jul 20 2003 10:50

Engineering's an art! HONEST!

Jul 20 2003 16:04

IC's a science college. Medicine and Engineering and Agriculture etc etc etc etc all have a science basis. Am insulted by ...'s implication this is not the case. ;-)

Good Management first degrees? Bath has a good reputation.

76. ...   
Jul 20 2003 17:27

I never said Engineering, Medicine and Agriculture didn't have a science basis, however there is also an art associated with each of these subjects.

My point was (if you read what I actually said and try your best not to extrapolate other meanings) that these subjects are not simply labelled as 'science'. As a non-scientist (using a strict definition of the word 'science'), I would feel somewhat hard done by to be labelled as a scientist, as that does not adequately describe what I do.

77. Paul   
Jul 20 2003 18:43

Engineering is the science of approximation!

And I was told that by an engineer!

Jul 20 2003 22:25

Engineering is taking science and doing something useful with it...

Jul 21 2003 12:15

Dave - it was many moons ago, though thinking about it it was before you were ICU Finance Manager - scary!

Paul - there are more than "3 or 4" English uni's not part of the NUS, but admitidly we are in the minority...

Anyway, back onto the subject (ish). Paul, the one thing that you have to remember is that you may put on the worlds best Freshers week, but it will still come to nothing if the 2nd/ 3rd and 4th years acting as re-apps and sub-wardens start telling the Freshers that the union is a waste of time. You have to ensure that a) you bribe the re-apps to bring people over to the union or b) you convince the people to come to the union BEFORE they get to ICU, for example, selling something like the "Ents cards" in advance. By then mummy and daddy will have paid for their sprog to get in so they "may as well" go along. Once there, they will discover your amazing Freshers week and will be converted! IT has the added bonus that if the ents card is valid for the enitre year that people will come back when they want a cheap night out. You may not get their entrance fee but they will be drinking and they will bring their mates along.

Is there going to be the annual competition between the Medics freshers events and the ICU ones this year?

80. Steve   
Jul 21 2003 16:58

Just an suggestion, but it would be good if there was some sort of ticketing system at the union for the freshers on the first Saturday of term. I remember turning with a load of freshers the year before last (2001) and not getting in because the place was full of 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. I can't imagine a worse way to portray the union to the new intake!

81. Paul   
Jul 21 2003 18:46

Steve, I agree but its quite a difficult one to get right.

There are no tickets cos its a free event! I came up with the idea of letting freshers have 'priority entry' (send them a pass with their welcome pack), and not letting later years in til say 9.30pm, but was told that this would be classed as discrimination against 'non-freshers' as we have to provide for all members equally! Same if we did tickets - if we made tickets available to freshers before the event, we would also have to make them available to later years for the same reasons...

I agree though... freshers should get some sort of priority (along with their re-apps, subbies etc...). Sadly its a sign of IC - people with the attitude 'lets go to the union to pull a fresher' end up stopping the freshers getting in, and then tell the few who do how c**p the union is!!!

82. ...   
Jul 22 2003 09:17

Seeing all this talk of Glastonbury makes me think that you might like to check out Felix online. Some interesting news has broken about 2004.

83. Paul   
Jul 22 2003 11:36

Just another in a long line of benefits we are missing out on just so we can feel 'special'...

So, at the next referendum, if you want benefits both to the union and whilst out and about in the country vote YES. Simple...

Jul 22 2003 14:05

Paul - probably not a good idea to get into the NUS/ Non-NUS debate, this thread could become very long indeed!

85. Paul   
Jul 22 2003 19:04

Hehe, very true.

*Ignore all talk of NUS... I said nothing.... honest!!*

86. Steve   
Jul 23 2003 10:33

Back to the first Saturday night at the Union:-

Surely for one night a year it would be possible to give priority to freshers? Who holds the power to make this decision? In some cases freshers come from halls outside the South Ken campus and it is rediculous that the freshers are not guaranteed entry!

Paul - you're idea of priority entry before a set time seems like a good solution to me!

87. Paul   
Jul 23 2003 22:13

Steve: Im overdue a meeting with my boss anyway, so Ill go see him soon and see what we can do about the priority entry system... its common sense to give them priority, but the union works more on rules than common sense! I think Michelle's idea of flogging them tickets for all of freshers week in advance might be good to bring back too...

88. Nia   
Jul 24 2003 20:19

I'm bored so I going to share this with you my top music joy for this month.

Chicane are f**king brilliant. Their new album, Easy to Assemble when it comes out in sept is going to be soooo good. Saw them in concert and they were bloody amazing. One spine tingling moment after another. Of the same order of 'greatness' (but of course quite different genre!) as The Chillis, Placebo, Benjamin Britten and (forgotten his first name) Poulenc in my opinion.


Jul 27 2003 02:22

Dear Reader,

I am a regular poster to Live and although this is off topic I thought I would post it here as it is the only active topic.

I recently went clubbing in my local club and called 118xxx to find a taxi company. I got disconnected and called a different 118 number and found a cab num but the call took all my credit.

I tried to top up my phone with my debit card but due to tech problems i couldn't so I called 100 to be greated by a "we don't care" so I ended up walking from the local town via another village to mine. This is dangerous since the roads are 60's and dark so If I were female I could hav been raped.

Anyway: my point is don't use ORANGE!

90. AMANDA   
Aug 12 2003 08:58

Hi there, would like to bring to the uni five piece indie band they are rocky and the public live them, we have fans at uni's and asked us to bring this music your way i promise you will not be disappointed, the band name is m.o.t web address we aretouring southampton in november, have you got any thing to offer at this uni? i have sent off a demo 3wks ago so hopefully youve recieved it, the band have over 70 tunes written influences are, the beatles,the kinks,the stone roses, people say that they are stunned because this band have good lyrics, and happy, rocky music, thanks for taking the time to read this email. the date we had in mind if you havnt got any thing for the month is in september, i have heard from one uni,and waiting for a date. thanks amanda

91. Sam   
Aug 12 2003 15:57


Since when has promoted Live! Music???

Anyway, Term doesn't start until 07th October, so i doubt any dates in September would be any use...

92. Paul   
Aug 12 2003 19:20

S**t, I was convinced term started on the last weekend in september not the first in october!! That would have confused me - turning up for work on what I thought was the saturday of freshers week to find noone there!! And Im supposed to have helped organise it.... :os

AMANDA: which one of the band members are you? They all look like blokes... ;o) Maybe asking a person in charge rather than a public forum may be helpful (such as .uk), although the freshers week budget has already been allocated so unless you play for free the answer will be no!

Aug 12 2003 22:46

Live! started promoting live music as soon as we got the culture section going ;-)

Exit Light, Enter Night, muhahahahahahaha

94. amanda   
Sep 12 2003 11:19

Hi Paul.

M.O.T just want their music heard, They don't expect a fee or expences,

just a crowd!!

By the way, Im not in the band, I just organise the gigs etc.

We have got some free dates so just get in touch if you have any thing for us.


Hope to hear from you,

regards Amanda.

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