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Entrance Exams for Imperial “Hot Topic” According to Pro Rector

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Aug 22 2003 14:01

Professor Rees Rawlings, Pro Rector, Educational Quality has confirmed that it is likely Imperial will be discussing the possibility of introducing its own entrance exams in the near future.

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1. tom t   
Aug 22 2003 18:02

In my day, the only hard bit of the entrance procedure was sussing out where the parental income and bribe box on the UCAS form was - once you'd found that, Oxbridge became a breeze.

Shame all this equal opps stuff messes things up these days!!

2. Sam   
Aug 22 2003 18:22

That box has never existed Tom. All UCAS forms for those specially selected Oxbridge students come with Form EC1, the invitation to parents to endow a chair or scholarship...

And they say money can't buy you everything - it appears that education is once more becoming one thing you can buy.

Aug 26 2003 14:27

With so many examination boards and within each board so many ways of getting that Maths "A" Level it is no surprise that these universities have resorted to entrance exams.

4. Sam   
Aug 26 2003 14:50

Yeah, with 10 A-Level Maths modules, there are something like 3 or 4 ways I could have split my two A-Levels, completely changing the focus, grades and titles - I could have even put the spare modules into an AS-Level if i needed to.

Modular A-Levels are incredibly easy to pass - if I combined the base modules in all 4 topics, I could have got the same A-Level as if i combined 4 modules of the same type (much harder - P1+M1+T1+D1 is incredibly easy compared to a M1->M4 combination)

And for those of you who didn't take University of London A-Level Exams - that probably made no sense.

Summary: Modular A-Levels easy, proper A-Levels aren't.

Aug 27 2003 11:37

precisely Sam... and my Southern Exam Board A-Levels didn't even have modules, just one whole set of summer exams after two years which you had to make or break.

The dumbing down of A-Levels dosen't help college as then the first year is spent teaching A-Level maths again properly.

6. Sam   
Aug 27 2003 16:50

Or on the other side of the coin, if you've done every A-Level maths module under the sun, the first year Maths course mainly includes sleeping in the comfort of one's own bed...

Shame the 2nd year exams aren't so easy eh?

Aug 28 2003 10:38

It is not a surprise to have an entrance exam. People from outside Europe (especially from Asia) should be used to these. However, I do think it would be good for the College to judge the applicants on a common ground and there is also a question of being in the league of the superior. They should have it structured very soon.

8. prole   
Aug 28 2003 23:04

The solution is simply to make A-levels harder and then everyone would be happy, apart from s**ty private schools that want all their slightly inbred pupils to get A grades.

9. prole   
Aug 28 2003 23:06

and would someone please explain in what way it is advantageous to have 76 different exam boards?

10. ant   
Aug 29 2003 06:38

just to update sam, now all maths A-levels are modular and consist of 6 modules. But yes some of those harder more difficult topics did seem to disappear completely when the sylabus was split down into the new modules.

11. Sam   
Aug 29 2003 20:28

Yeah, and ULEAC has been replaced by edExcel...

what a f**king joke.

12. sdf   
Jun 07 2004 12:37

why am i so stupid

13. ef   
Jun 07 2004 12:39

i am sick of life

Jun 09 2004 17:06

i have to admit to going to a private school, but it's not just private schools who want the high grades, you just needed to chose the right board, and generally, my school chose the more 'difficult' boards.

my dad tutors maths and sciences evenings and weekends and there is a huge difference between different board papers

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