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A more symbolic Union?

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Sep 01 2003 14:55

Imperial College Union president Mustafa Arif wants the Union to have its very own flag.

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1. Jon   
Sep 01 2003 16:41

How does this fit with our new slimline image care of Sykes? I hope it only uses Arial font!

Sep 01 2003 16:52

Point Of Information Mr (/Ms?) Chair!

The union president has been told, routinly, to make a flag and hang it on said pole... but sadly one has failed to do so...

until now?

sorry, its hardly a new thing, but sometimes the best gags are the oldest...

3. Sam   
Sep 01 2003 17:12

To Clarify my somewhat unclear hacky friend...

It is a traditional handover task for the President to design a flag. Such a task has been in existance since at least 1999. The current post-holder is the first to even contemplate the task.

Is this a sign of things to come? What other things is he going to try and do?

Sep 01 2003 22:16

Maybe it is.

Rumour has it the iCU President is there on a Sunday at 11pm still working to sort the s**t the last wanker in the position created...

Dedicated he may be, let's see if he gets results tho..

Sep 05 2003 21:25

I recently heard (long floppy ears, good for that sort of thing) that a well known Union personality has emailed ICU's resident rigging experts inviting them to 'Come and Play With My Pole'. Could this be flag related or is somebody merely making lewd suggestions? Keep munching the carrots kiddies and you'll be able to see all sorts of magical wonders of the night.

6. amram   
Sep 05 2003 22:55

No doubt we will have a blue flag with yellow stars on it- now that we have a pro-Euro-federalist as our leader...

Sep 06 2003 13:43

"No doubt we will have a blue flag with yellow stars on it- now that we have a pro-Euro-federalist as our leader..."

Some how I doubt it Amram, I expect the Union flag will feature either the current Union logo, the college crest, or some previous union logo with a more heritage type feel to it.

Grow up and try to act sensibly.

Sep 06 2003 13:58


Give him a break. Without people like Amram who would write in the Daily [email protected]!l

9. daz   
Sep 07 2003 09:54

Starbucks style cafe... chips in the union... fluttering flag.. pooh!

I never even noticed that damn flagpole.

Our president should wake up from his "lahdedah I am going to be the bestest president in the world doing jacks***t" paradise and look into more important things like why the new overseas student visa is being implemented, new better safer bicycle railings, free ketchup in the dining hall, simple sheltered lit walkways leading at least to the entrance of the south ken tube underpass, more car/moped parking lots for students with affordable parking rates, cheaper items from that ripoff stationery shop, some form of snooker house cues at least in that dingy snooker room in the union, perhaps even a nightly bus route to get across hyde park without getting mugged and possibly raped.

10. tom t   
Sep 08 2003 14:38

"lahdedah I am going to be the bestest president in the world doing jacks***t" .. . pooh!

daz, you need to start doing what you're good at - washing clothes.

visa? ask the government dept starved of cash

safer bike railings? what, ones that don't hide behind walls to attack you as you round the corner?

Sheltered lit walkways? ever seen streetlamps and brollies?

more parking spaces for cars and mopeds? what, because most students here have so much money from their parents that they can afford to run a car in London?

etc etc

Get a life, and if you want to change something, change it, don't just sit in front of a fuhcking TV expecting it to happen overnight.

Sep 09 2003 14:17

I don't think Mustafa is doing a bad job at all, as far as I can tell he's a good bloke, give him a break, I'm sure he's looking into the more "pressing" stuff. As far as the last comment about parking, actually I agree, I don't think all students can afford to run a car, I run a Fiat Panda myself, it cost me ?200 and Endsleigh give me a good deal on insurance, and I live in London, my parents only helped me with repairs on it, and on the rare occasions that I do want to bring it into Uni (ie appauling weather not suitable for my usual motorcycle commute, or wanting to be designated driver for a group of us taking a rare trip to the union) I would like somewhere cheaper to park it, at least during the day when students can't park inside the college at all (at night we can for a flat ?7 which is reasonalbe for London I suppose) I have to resort to an exhorbitant ?3/h on Queen's Gate! And ok, I'm not the most needy case by far, but what about those that have a better case? Less abled students, students with children etc surely they should have somewhere to park, if not a limited amount of students spaces, something for the students might be nice!

Sep 29 2003 17:57

Union President... desire... burn... Union flag.


Oct 01 2003 16:16

"Real Progress" (tm) seems to be being made, with a group of trained monkeys examining the flagpole this lunchtime from on top of a large erection^M^M^M scaff tower.

Apparently Mustafa is waiting for precise measurements of his pole before ordering the flag, as the angle (allegedly) makes all the difference.

President Arif, watching closely from the sidelines, commented that his pole on the roof was much longer and would possibly need a crane to erect. He is awaiting quotes for the costs of (re)shafting the roof.

Oct 07 2003 17:40

Maybe we could marry the larger pole with the large flag pole base that is located directly above beit arch... just remember to screw the base down first....

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