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Useful Information for Aspiring Euro Voyagers

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Sep 10 2003 10:44

Overview of important things to learn from the French

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1. crap   
Sep 10 2003 15:39

sorry mate, but your new favorite thingy is c**p

2. Nia   
Sep 12 2003 13:38

I am sorely tempted to find out how the bar staff in DaVinci's would react if I asked for a Giraffe.

Even more tempting is the idea of making a friend do it i.e. next time someone offers to buy me a drink. Except of course I'd probably find myself excluded from future 'rounds'.... But that's a small price to pay for the entertainment methinks.

Sep 15 2003 12:49

Nia: they'd look at you blankly, pull an overly fizzy, underchilled pint of guinness, charge you the wrong amount and gawp when you tried to put them right; all whilst rocking gently to the sounds of the heavy death rock metal death metal heavy heavy rock in the background.

Just like normal.

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