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“Transformation” for University of London Union

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Sep 16 2003 23:21

The University of London Union (ULU) last night unveiled a 2 year plan for reform including extensive building refurbishment work supported by a ?2-3m grant from the University of London.

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Sep 19 2003 00:03

I wonder if they're going to replace the front doors?


2. Sam   
Sep 19 2003 23:24


It's not the front doors that let them down, it's the whole f**king lobby.

but then i understand it's the lobby which is being redeveloped...

3. Nia   
Sep 26 2003 12:37

The lobby has just recently been revamped (finishing touches going on now). The plans (and the ?2-3M from UL) in the article relate to the rest of the building.

Sep 27 2003 11:40

I think you know who was refering to his incident with police that involved the front doors of ULU.... (if I remember correctly, that's my guess)

5. Sam   
Sep 27 2003 15:11

ahh... NOW i REMEMBER!!!

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