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Union President excludes one third of IC students

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Oct 10 2003 13:30

Live! has learnt that nearly one third of Imperial College?s students will be automatically excluded from attending the first Union Council meeting due to a lunchtime scheduling on the main campus.

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1. Steve   
Oct 10 2003 14:01

Just wondering how long people take for lunch....

The last (and only) council meeting I attended lasted for hours - can't see how that fits into the average student's lunch break!

Oct 10 2003 14:29

Mustafa, don't make the medics angry. You won't like us when we're angry...

Oct 11 2003 09:28

Are you implying that anyone likes Medics when they aren't angry???

4. amram   
Oct 11 2003 22:01

just shows how ridiculous it is to merge different bodies (see sykes failed UCL idea). The medics and agronomist at Wye should have different unions. Meetings should also be limited to 1 hour and thus having at lunch time avoids unneccessarily long meetings where hacks , who love the sound of their own voices, blubber on for hours!

5. Seb   
Oct 12 2003 19:59

You ever read one of the agendas amram?

While meetings can be excesibely long, with people going round and round in circles, an hour is pretty short. You'd end up with more meetings. And given half the waffle is procedural, I suspect there are efficiency savings with large meetings.

Better to have a two hour meeting every month than a one hour meeting every week.

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