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Freshers? Showcase Goes Ahead Despite Power Failure

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Oct 10 2003 20:07

The Freshers' Showcase is going ahead following a power failure affecting the whole of Beit that threatened to force its cancellation.

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Oct 10 2003 23:56

To the freshers who managed to go:

Was it good?

2. Simon   
Oct 11 2003 11:30

Not a fresher, but I certainly enjoyed the night. The Union was as busy as I've seen it in three years... well done to all involved.

Oct 11 2003 18:26

I think you will find London Electricity Board no longer exists. The 11kv Super Grid is maintaned by EDF, and LPN now run most of London's power networks....

Oct 11 2003 18:45

And since when has eleven thousand volts been super grid??? I think you'll find that 11kV is just HV distribution. You have to get up to 132/275/400kV before you start talking supergrid... and in England, that's still the Nation Grid Company (i think!).

5. Zebee   
Oct 11 2003 21:25

Oh no I can feel Electrical Engineering coming back to haunt me...

6. STEVE   
Oct 14 2003 13:19

As a guest at the event i thought it was SLAMMIMG BANGING and JAMMING. it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. it seemed well organised, i thank the nice lady who invited me. I hope to come to more events as i enjoyed myself thoroughly. and a big shout to the roulette table lady she knows what she's talking about.

To all at the UNION thanks and keep up the good work.


Oct 19 2003 21:02

It wasn't bad, is was rammed... but with an average spend of only ?7 per person at the bar we (as staff) felt the power cut put off a fair few people. In addition to that, what's with all them freshers drinking J20 and bottled water eh?!

Oct 20 2003 11:11

I think it's quite cool that people aren't drinking loads.

Anyone who saw the state of the (male) toilets (whilst sober) on Wednesday must begin to wonder what on earth people are doing

It's nice to know some poeple don't think you need to get drunk/stoned/high to have a good time

Fair play to them

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