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Halls without hot water over weekend

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Oct 14 2003 12:32

Several IC Halls of Residence housing nearly 1,000 students will be without heating and hot water this weekend.

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Oct 14 2003 12:56

I think the recommended way to treat somebody with hypothermia is to get naked, take their clothes off too and cuddle up close to them. Sounds like fun to me.

2. Sam   
Oct 14 2003 13:38

Yeah, hot**terbottle at their feet, and get in the same sleeping bag as them - definitely warms me up ;o)

Oct 14 2003 13:39

I think that the article should read "... will last from 4pm Friday through to 4pm on Monday..." to avoid creating undue panic and confusion (well, any more than normal anyway).

Oct 14 2003 13:59

Noted & corrected.


Oct 14 2003 16:17

'students will be issued with duvets which will be connected afterwards'

Connected to what?

6. simon   
Oct 14 2003 17:05

Connected to the power sockets of course...

I think that technically, this is quite unacceptable. Surely the Health and Safety laws would be broken by this weekend work?

Oct 14 2003 17:31

Surely connecting Duvets to a power socket isn't going to help. After all its only a piece of fabric.

8. Sam   
Oct 15 2003 00:58


But what if the seams have been reinforced and some nutrients soaked into the corner?

/End HHGTTG reference

Oct 15 2003 08:56

Frankly, if you're going to survive in this universe, you're going to need to know where your towel is.

10. Towlie   
Oct 15 2003 09:45

Remember to take a towel with you.

11. Dan Y   
Oct 15 2003 16:50

Freezing to death? Am i hearing this right? It's only October - hardly the middle of january. Put on a jumper for 3 days and stop moaning you soft southerners :)

12. ant   
Oct 15 2003 23:07

well said young Dan..

Oct 16 2003 08:37

What about the asthmatics?

Oct 16 2003 09:02

wear a scarf?

anyhoo, different triggers for diferent people, personally living somewhere dusty is a trigger for me...

Oct 16 2003 13:32

What, like London?

16. ...   
Oct 16 2003 14:08

Starbuck haven't you left, don't you have anything better to do with your time!!?

17. Steve   
Oct 16 2003 15:02

Well done ant on the pun (intentional or otherwise)

I'd like to hear what Dan thinks after his third freezing cold shower, oh and anyone else tried standing in the cold all night? - it isn't nice, believe me. October it maybe but it's well past shorts and T-Shirt weather

p.s. and almost exactly as northern as Dan but from the proper side of the country.

18. Bob   
Oct 16 2003 17:31

Connected? I think you should get some new specs - it reads coLLected

19. pedANT   
Oct 16 2003 22:09

sorry bob but when i first commented the article said 'connected', then a friendly editor corrected it but never acknowledged the fact.

Oct 17 2003 14:18

Yes, I have left, but I still get a lunch hour stuck in an office.

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