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Rector Hints on Southside, Fees and Wye

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Oct 14 2003 12:31

In a lecture to Civil Engineering students Imperial College's Rector, Sir Richard Sykes, gave some indications of hints of plans for Imperial College's student accommodation, the Wye campus and the College as a whole.

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Oct 14 2003 17:02

Does this mean that the new halls would have the same capacity as all the old ones put together?

Either it would be a very large building, the rooms were even smaller than some in Beit (believe me, I had the smallest room in the hall, it has it's own rent category) or will they adopt a Japanese style where its like a cubicle?

2. Beci   
Oct 15 2003 11:59

Well, it's nice to know that, as always, Wye students are the last to know what's happening to us. It seems that our future is forever out of our hands.

I would like to know what is meant by the suggestion that we have "failed to merge". Is that a hint?

Oct 15 2003 17:34

I suspect what the Rector actually meant when he said that was that Imperial had let down staff and students at the Wye campus in terms of fully integrating them with the rest of the College community and that, as such, the merger is still a challenge for the College to overcome.

If I was feeling particularly bold, I would say that if that is what the Rector meant, then he is fairly accurate. Nevertheless, I'll ask him what he meant when I see him next.

Oct 15 2003 21:42

Well it seems a bit hard to integrate a college that is so far away given the problems we had at the start with the medic campuses. Seems a shame, maybe IC should outsource some stuff. Perhaps more outside stuff (instead of mapping Princes gardens the CivEngers should go to Wye etc..)

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