Sat 24 Feb 2018
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President Arif Raises ??? for Sudan

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Nov 24 2003 20:19

Islamic Society sponges ICU President to raise money for its annual SAVE A NATION campaign

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Nov 25 2003 11:41

Yeah, I didn't aim for his face, he was already way too drenched by the time I got there.

2. tim   
Nov 25 2003 12:22

which nation were they trying to save?

Nov 25 2003 12:39

certainly not ours, its so broke i dont anyone could help it!

4. Kanga   
Nov 25 2003 18:00

Is it just me or is our President looking rather dashing in that photo there? All dishevelled and somewhat sodden and holding his arms close to his body in a protective way yet sporting a slightly shy but kinda cheeky dimpled grin.

Jan 02 2004 13:42

Can I commend President Arif on being an excellent sport and suggest that ICU petition ULU council to introduce a similar event there?

6. Cynic   
Jan 02 2004 14:15

Are ICU the only Union who are in a position to petition ULU Council?

If you want it so badly they why don't you do it yourself. After all, I would hope that a ULU Officer would know the right people to talk to.

Jan 08 2004 10:55

FYI I don't "want it so badly" but suggested that ICU might be interested in such an event.

I also wouldn't want to be accused of stealing the idea!

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