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Internship Fair 2003 Is "Stronger"

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Nov 27 2003 12:22

Internship Centre Coordinator, Ben Cotter, has revealed more about this year's Internships Fair and about the future of the Internship Centre.

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Nov 27 2003 15:06

And when exactly is this fair?

2. Sam   
Nov 27 2003 15:16

If the writer was a competent journalist, he would have told you where to find out the date ;oP

Nov 27 2003 16:31

You will know when the Fair is on - just brace yourself. Trust me.

Nov 28 2003 11:36

I thought Christina Aguilera was stronger.

Nov 28 2003 11:39

Yeah we're trying to get her to come along too for the launch...

Nov 28 2003 13:42

Is this just a C&G thing or can anyone go?

I realise the range of companies is such that it would appeal to engineering students, but if there are finance companies too, it could well be of interest to Applied Business Management students (about 1/3 of my year here, and 3/4 of our current first year)

... but they would need a bit more notice because of the added transport issues (as seen with the careers fair- some of our final year really wanted to go, but found out too late).

7. Tim   
Nov 28 2003 15:47

Hi Nicola!

The Fair is not exclusive and we are happy to have anyone from anywhere to attend.

We have all the big names from consulting, engineering, accounting and investment banks. Presentations from Merrill and PwC as well.

Up-to-date information will be posted in any minute. Keep checking!

Hence bring the Wye students along!!

8. chris   
Dec 01 2003 17:51

Which years is the internship fair aimed at?

Dec 01 2003 21:17

The Internship Centre and Fair are aimed at all continuing students at Imperial (i.e. not final year students) The website has many companies that accept applications from all years.

Dec 02 2003 22:03

what if you are a final year undergrad considering doing a 1 year masters next year?

Dec 03 2003 03:38

I guess id apply for both the masters course and the internships before the deadlines pass so you can still have the choice later on. A good reason to come to the fair I think!

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