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Live! Poll to Name ICU Goldfish

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Dec 01 2003 17:35

After an extensive consultation, the Live! team have shortlisted five options for our readers to choose from in a definitive effort to name the ICU goldfish.

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Dec 02 2003 00:56

Michelle :-) To open the voting!

Though Nemo comes second.

Dec 02 2003 02:10

I say SOLE!!!

You can't get any better than that surely!

Well, intially, I did propose Tafa Asif after our beloved and highly dedicated President.

Dec 02 2003 04:39

it's got to be SOLE! SOLE the goldfish doesn't that sound right to you?

Dec 02 2003 14:52

Who f**kin cares?! It's a goddamn fish! Just kill the thing already!

5. n/a   
Dec 02 2003 18:15

Kill the fish and feed it to starvin' kids in Iraq.

6. Anon   
Dec 02 2003 19:44

Ah, I believe the poll is on the Live! main page.

7. will   
Aug 08 2004 17:49

what a load of pish who cares

Jul 28 2005 11:58

It brings me great sadness to report the recent death of the ICU Goldfish, named "SOLE" in a December 2003 Live! poll. It is understood that his transition to the giant fish-tank in the sky was peaceful and serene.

A brief ceremony was held at the toilet-side by Union Staff to remember his dedicated service to Imperial College Union.

Requiescat In Pace.

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