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UCL to hold NUS Referendum

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Dec 04 2003 22:58

UCL Union has become the latest to hold a referendum on whether to remain affiliated to the NUS.

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1. Sam   
Dec 04 2003 23:35

Mmm... that plays into the hands of redefining the NUS.

NUS could soon mean Not Ucl Students

Dec 05 2003 05:55

The mere mention of the words "General Meeting" make me screem, along with the echos of "order", "can we have some courtesy, please" and "some decorum would be of benefit here, ladies & gentlemen".

sorry, just random rant about some rude individuals at QM who want to use block voting to get their petty political issues as union policy and then simply leave the meeting. No wonder I kept re-ordering the agenda without warning. Love to Susie at ULU for doing a NICE LONG presentation on ULU Transformation to keep the sods in their seets for a TWO AND A HALF HOUR Union General Meeting!


Dec 07 2003 13:30

This should be interesting - especially as more and more companies are waking up to the fact that not all students are members of the NUS.

Is there a definitive list of non-affiliated and recently disaffiliated institutions somwhere?

What about a list of recent new affiliations?

Dec 09 2003 11:47

Well, the NUS aren't exactly going to mention who is not a member (I remember the careful wording of all the publicity they sent with UCAS letters, referring to a "vast majority" of Student Unions being members- I actually managed to sign up to their monthly newsletters with just a UCAS number, they didn't tink the issue of non-affiliated Unions was even worth checking).

But there could be such a list, if someone from a non-affiliated Union (anyone know of one of them?) were to compare the list on against, say, that from the UCAS site (this would also limit the list to Universities and the like, not every College whose Union can affiliate/associate with the NUS).

Slightly long-winded, but straightforward enough. The slightly less simple question is how you would act upon such a list: it would depend on all of their reasons for leaving/ not joining, I suppose.

Dec 11 2003 09:21

I knew I was meant to do something before my exam yesterday. Must get some time later to go and vote NO

Dec 16 2003 00:19

Just to say that charming union management can't be a**ed counting the votes until the end of the first week of NEXT term. Pathetic.

Dec 16 2003 13:49

That's OK I know of a student union which did a similar thing to those waiting for Sabbatical Election results. sic

Dec 17 2003 11:39

I am reliably informed that it's not so much the counting as the voting that has been extended into next term. The present referendum turn-out is below the required quorum.

Dec 17 2003 17:13

Turnout was a little below 1500 (quorum=1800), so the issue will be decided at the AGM (turnout: approx 150).

Spoke to the returning officer, she said nothing about extending voting - I think you might be confusing it with the general meeting issue.

However... Not bothering to tell people really shows UCL Union's trust in its electorate. As I said, Pathetic.

Jan 08 2004 11:06

It's been suggested that UCLU could outsource the democracy part of their union to another one in order to improve the procedures.


Jan 10 2004 14:30

They'd be better off outsourcing the entire union to another one.

UCLU is the biggest heap of c**p in the universe. I'm only on council because I want to kick up a fuss (Which I have).

Incidentally, an emergency motion to set up a working party to look at reform of UCLU election procedures was stopped from being put to council by the General Secretary (who has now resigned), without passing it through Standing Orders Committee.

If a company or political party was run like UCLU, most of the sabbs would be in prison by now.

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