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Email within the Hour: Kempe 1 Dragged Up-to-Date.

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Dec 09 2003 17:15

The Kempe Centre, the Wye Campus Library and IT Centre, is still relatively new and shiny, and College seem keen to keep it that way: the notoriously slow KWS- 1 computers are being replaced.

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Dec 09 2003 17:48

I once fell asleep waiting for a Kempe-1 computer to finish thinking about what it was doing. If the Londoners visited us more often, they would know about these things. Silly Londoners.

Dec 09 2003 18:21


Dec 10 2003 02:23

You have no fast internet connection really, your idea of a late license is 12:00 and your bloody hours away - why the hell would we want to visit Wye?

Dec 10 2003 09:58

The mail most definitely wasn't worth the wait... Perhaps since 90% of those who normally sent us e-mails were also hiding out in Kent isolated from their beloved inboxes...

Dec 10 2003 18:25


The new connection (or rather the existing connection with the new machines) is fast enough for anything necessary, i.e. college work, communicating with the rest of the world (for those of us with better things to do than download videos).

Our idea of an ordinary Friday license is 12, a late license is 1: if you really can't cope there's a club in Ashford, but we just tend to get out and start earlier, then carry on in someone's house/room, enjoying the company in a place where we know everyone.

Yes we're some miles away, although I've been making the journey once or twice each week this term and have yet to lose any blood in so doing. You're in Central London, everything not miles away is London- good for clubs and shopping, but rather lacking in fields, wildlife, woodlands, rolling hills, fresh air, horses, sheep and Wye people.

So we don't always have all the up-to-the minute facilities London offers, but we more than make up for it with the atmosphere, where people stop complaining what isn't here and go out and enjoy all that is.

Dec 11 2003 01:27

Sheep eh? Well, whatever floats your boat...

Dec 11 2003 13:04

Actually, Iam also 2 minutes from Hyde Park - which is a huge friggin' culmination of greenery etc. We have no need for sheep in London - enough said. You want to see London wildlife? Go to Peckham or London Zoo.

Dec 11 2003 13:37

Sanjeev, If you got off your fat geeky a**e and went down to Wye you might actually like it. I visited last year and thought it was fab! Yep, hyde park ain't got sheep, but it has got lots of smog!

Dec 11 2003 14:58

Yea Sanjeev, u fat poo. Wye kicks a**e!

Dec 12 2003 00:49

And if you opened your eyes cabbage face, then you'd realise my ass is not fat. The geekyness is an open matter as it is difficult to describe what factors make an a**e truly geeky.

Dec 12 2003 11:35

I wasn't talking about your meagre donkey, although I bet you won't find any of them down at Wye either.

12. n/a   
Dec 12 2003 21:38

Leave Sanjeev alone! If he thinks Wye is c**p, then you bitching at him about how good it is isn't really gonna change his mind.

Instead, you just given everyone the impression that people in Wye are so far up their own a**es (or for that matter, a sheep or donkey's a**e) that they can't comprehend someone with a differing opinion. Some people like Wye, some don't. Frankly, get over it!

By the way, I've been to Wye, and thought it was nice, but if I stayed there, I'd get bored within 10 mins. Just my opinion though.

Dec 14 2003 15:17

You've been to Wye... fair enough, you have an informed opinion, and every right to express it.

I didn't say Wye was perfect, what I did say is that it has its own good points, which although not the same as some of Imperial's good points, are still worth consideration, such that one shouldn't knock it without trying it (preferably visiting during term time, and staying in the evening until the Union bar has been open for a while... that train service generally isn't bad on a weekday).

Some people like Wye, some don't, but most haven't been there and *might* like it if only they actually gave it a chance rather than dismissing anything they don't know.

14. yawn   
Dec 14 2003 16:03

"I didn't say Wye was perfect, what I did say is that it has its own good points, which although not the same as some of Imperial's good points, are still worth consideration"

Wye IS Imperial - or are you forgetting?

Enough of this them-and-us bulls**t! Grow up and get over yourself!

Oh, and don't be surprised that people might attack you Wye-seperatist views, this is, after all, an online newspaper for the Engineers Union at Imperial and, last time I checked, they were mainly based at South Kensington.

Dec 15 2003 11:03

If I'm a "Wye-separatist," why am I repeatedly suggesting that people should try visiting different campuses once in a while and talking to each other? Wouldn't I be saying that such inferior people should not dare to consider darkening our perfect doorstep?

I'm saying different doesn't mean worse, and that works both ways. Imperial as a whole has its good (and bad) points, and each of its constituent parts (campuses, faculties, halls, clubs...) have their own, which may or may not be the same but are all valuable to the whole diverse assemblage. Is that PC enough for you?

I'm of the view that the different parts should be able to get on, and mix socially, without losing their own distinct characters. That doesn't mean any one character is better than any other, just that two different are better for the whole than two the same.

And as far as I know, the people just saying "Shut up, Wye's great!" are not Wye students. What I'm saying is, see for yourself, talk to some real people here. And yes, WCUS are looking into arranging some visits to South Kensington for students at Imperial's Wye Campus, too.

Dec 15 2003 13:16

Ok, then the question is how do we increase the mixing - any suggestions?

17. ...   
Dec 15 2003 16:18


Dec 15 2003 17:08

Well, on Friday a coachload of our fellow LifeSci students from South Kensington joined us for our Christmas Ball, a return trip is planned for the South Kensington post-exem party next term, and hopefully something in RAG Week, so things are starting to happen.

For the last year, WCUS have been inviting people from all campuses to join us, and we are always well-received in London, but the Union realise that people generally won't spontaneously go Campus-hopping under their own steam, so transport is now being provided and students are mixing- only within our Faculty so far, but that's a good start.

Hopefully there'll be a big effort to get visitors for Cricket Week this year, too, although there may not be the spare rooms available this year.

Dec 19 2003 18:44

Trevor says you write too much.

Jan 02 2004 13:38

Perhaps you should petition your Union to invite ULU for a council meeting at Wye. Then important people from across London can see the true beauty of Wye campus and your profile will be very much raised.

Of course if you provided transport, food, entertainment and bedding that would encourage us lots to accept the offer!

21. Cynic   
Jan 02 2004 14:18

Hmmmm, sounds suspicious. Could it be that you guys at ULU are tired out from all that arduous work you've been doing and you're looking for an excuse for a jolly?

Surely an Officer of such an august institution as ULU would realise that such jollies are totally inappropriate!

Jan 03 2004 00:23

I have invited ULU to hold a Council at Wye several times before. The standard answer from the ULU President is that without free transport (which neither I nor he are prepared to lay on) it won't be quorate. He's probably quite right. He did, however, come with me to the Wye Freshers' Fayre and if any ULU officers want to come along with me when I next go down there (or any other IC campus) they are more than welcome.

Jan 05 2004 15:21

I'll suggest to the WCUS Exec that they send their PR Rep, Campus Liason Officer, Campus Communications Officer, or whatever they're calling me at the moment (well, the repeatable parts), along to a ULU Council Meeting: to make sure that they all still know we exist, now that we are only represented on ULU through central ICU (remember that Wye was UL, hence WCUS was on ULU, pre-merger- last year, the WCUS message regarding ULU Elections was, "Although Wye itself no longer sits on ULU, they do still remember us...", but clearly that won't last forever once all the officers who were in ULU pre-Wye/IC-merger have left), and maybe suggest some big events in Wye (ones where they could possibly join a group travelling from South Kensington?) where they could see for themselves, if the interest is there among more than one ULU officer?

It seems that so far Wye's name in ULU is reliant on representation before the merger, so something longer-term may be needed there, so although not separately represented, all ULU will be more aware not only of our specific needs as distinct from the rest of Imperial (for example, we are no longer represented as a small or specialist UL college, because we're Imperial), but also so Wye will spring more readily to mind as a potential venue for ULU plans.

Of course I would not think of suggesting that the ICU ULU delegates do not represent Wye to a fair and proportional extent (certainly not without having attended any ULU meetings), but if they are doing something valuable for Wye students the general student body have no idea so it would be another aspect of the various levels of Student Unions of which I should make Wye students better-informed.

Anyway, the situation between Wye and ULU until now is not going to last, so I'll say what WCUS have to say on the matter.

(Oh dear, I think Trevor's right.)

Jan 05 2004 15:30

Of course, what I actually meant to type there was, "I'll

SEE what WCUS have to say on the matter," not that I will just say whatever they have to say, as I am not in fact their parrot.

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