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VP Firefight To Overshadow CGCU Elections

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Feb 24 2001 17:30

Twelve candidates stand for the Top 5 CGCU Positions -- Four for Vice-President

Feb 24 2001 19:20

Is it just me or do only ISE, ElecEng and Doc care about the union. Only 2 candidates are not from these depts.

Feb 24 2001 19:32

It's probably just you ;-)

Feb 24 2001 20:00

I suspect it's probably something to do with the fact that ISE/EE/DoC people spent oodles of time in front of a PC checking email and generally using the web - so perhaps they're more likely to visit Only a theory :-)

Feb 25 2001 12:45

Does the CGCU only get to its members through this website then?

Something for the next Honorary Secretary to sort out, me thinks!

Feb 25 2001 14:05

As if there aren't freaks in the rest of departments..!!

Feb 25 2001 15:36

I've been screaming about this for ages now.

We need GUILDSHEET to reach out to the non-ISE masses.

Feb 25 2001 22:59

Surely this should be a task for the Publicity Officer, not the HonSec?

Feb 26 2001 10:54

Maybe those of us not from EE/ISE/DoC have more work to do:(

9. Raj   
Feb 26 2001 14:28

or maybe we are more informed and care more about CGCU

Feb 26 2001 16:35

What does CGCU stand for anyway?

11. Dinesh   
Feb 27 2001 09:55

City & Guilds College Union is C&GCU. Someone just made up 'CGCU' for a laugh and its stuck - no one knows what it means.

Shouldn't most of you lot be busy campaigning than chitchatting on here?

Feb 27 2001 13:11

Personally, I prefer it without the &.......

Mar 06 2001 21:19

Have we got a flaming result yet?

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