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Rector Questioned by Students

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Jan 26 2004 10:43

A report on the question and answers session held last week by the Rector.

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1. ash   
Feb 06 2004 11:38

I'd like to point out the fact of seb's inabilibity of adding the word 'student' to the one society he wished to point out.

2. Seb   
Feb 06 2004 13:00

Yes, the sentance seemed less easily pronouncable with the word student in, so I contracted Socialist Workets Student Society to Socialist Workers Society. The term Society, in context, implies a Union society, which implies students.

Elsewhere I have used the term SWSS or Socialist Workers Student Society, so lets not pretend there is an intended bias.

3. dave   
Feb 06 2004 13:25

I think the intended bias is pretty clear - a whole transcript of the discussion would be a lot fairer, instead of picking out the questions the Rector was able to answer, rather than the awkward ones posed to him

4. Seb   
Feb 06 2004 17:40

You think I'm pro-rector? Interesting. In that case I stand by my claim that this is a piece of reporting rather than oppinion, and my personal prejudices clearly haven't shone through.

If you noticed, he mostly didn't ever fail to answer a question, just miss-interpreted the question so that he could answer it.

This was covered (though not my interpretation that he was dodging the issue, as that would be comment/oppinion rather than reporting):

"The Rector also refused to discuss the issue of how great, if any, were he donations to Imperial College?s hardship fund. These were, he maintained, a private matter."

"Although several students made pertinent points regarding the desirability of top-up-fees, which the Rector answered with varying degrees of credibility, it seemed that Sir Richard was no longer interested in further debate with students on the issue."

The questions I adressed in detail seemed controversial, therefor intersting and newsworthy. I don't think I can recall people having a go at Sir Richard's previous history, bar a slightly satirical question by Tom Tibbits last year, an article in Cliffords Felix about "scisor hand sykes". The student response was interesting also, the round of applause following his "we'll take money from anyone" bit for example.

A full transcript I would find deeply boring to write. Feel free to write one if you want, but I think STOIC recorded the session so it wouldn't be worthwhile.

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