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Union Urges Students to Avoid Fees Protests

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Jan 26 2004 15:18

Students attending protests other than the one organised by ULU ?may be liable for arrest? warns ICU.

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1. james   
Jan 26 2004 19:37

just a question, how come it is illegal to march on parliament?

surely it should be some kind of constitutional right as a citizen...or don't we have a written constitution?


Jan 26 2004 20:33

It's only illegal to march when parliament is in session. Something about preventing revolutions methinks.

Jan 27 2004 09:57

Edward is right about the revolutionary angle - if you think about the language used, the illegal act is "marching on parliament". The origin of that phrase is military campaigning, where the idea of marching on a place implied an intention to storm it by force.

It's a delicate balance between maintaining the right to protest in sight of your elected representatives, and ensuring that those representatives don't feel physically threatened.

As it happens, the usual place for protests of this sort is Trafalgar Square, not Parliament Square, which is usually considered sufficiently "in the heart of London" for the early evening news editors. Interestingly, both squares are controlled not by Westminster Council (as is the case for most other public spaces in the area), but the Mayor (whose office happens to be well-connected to the NUS).

Jan 27 2004 18:32

I only received my copy of the newsletter at 15.10 on tuesday afternoon....not that helpful, although I did know about the organised protests before :-)

Jan 27 2004 23:53

Sorry about the late receipt of the email. I don't send out College-wide emails directly. They are sent out for me by ICT only after approval from the Deputy Rector. So my control over their timing can be limited.

Jan 28 2004 23:29

There was no ULU organised protest.

Feb 13 2004 01:06

Yes there was and gosh did it work!

Ask Mustafa about the meaning of the word "irony" in relation to his support for the organised protest and emails a day later.

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