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Bristol quits NUS

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Feb 06 2004 16:32

The University of Bristol Union has voted to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students.

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Feb 07 2004 14:45

Is this the beginning of the end as we know it for the NUS.......

Feb 07 2004 15:51

another su that has disafilliated without actually asking all it's members. no doubt they'll have a referendum and go back in. what a waste of time.

3. stef   
Feb 08 2004 10:30

sctually they did ask all their members. AGM - any one can attend and vote. Just so happens that more people who don't want BRistol to be in the NUS turned up.

At Imperial NUS membership is a referendum issue but it may not be for all student unions. Not all decisions to go into/out of the NUS have been taken at referendum level at Imperial. I have a feeling the first few times would have been exec/council level

Feb 09 2004 10:57

Stef, thanks but you're missing my point.

The majority of Bristol students are not involved in the SU and value their NUS card much more than a group of hacks who are doing this for reasons that have more to do with arrogance and strutting than representing their students.

Feb 09 2004 11:15

Indeed... the uninformed masses may well value their 10% discount at Top Shop more than a properly funded SU, but the job of the informed few (in student government as in all) is to make decisions that the proletariat might balk at due to their ill-informed nature, ill-educated backgrounds and general short sightedness.

Feb 09 2004 13:13

Fiscally speaking though, surely 15,000 students with a 10% discount would be a better alternative to a club or society which spends thousands on a handful?

Surely it should be the greatest good for the greatest number, not the greatest jollies for the (self) selected few?

7. Nia   
Feb 09 2004 13:30

How can it be 'selected' when all union clubs and societies are open for anybody to join?

Providing opportunities for students to canoe, sing, play clarinet, play football, go gliding, be a radio dj, 100s of other things that will help them develop as a person and make new friends sounds to me like a slightly better 'investment in people' than saving them ?2 on each CD or trendy top they buy.

8. dan   
Feb 11 2004 00:02

Who needs the nus at all? I can still get my handy 10% at topshop and the like by flashing my icu card. Student discount is the only real benefit most students notice, and you don't even need the nus for it!

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