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Prof Perkins to leave Imperial

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Feb 17 2004 10:16

Faculty of Engineering Principal Professor John Perkins is to leave Imperial College at the end of March.

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1. Tim   
Feb 17 2004 11:21

Woo!! Just cant wait until the new Principal to be announced!!

Another fun year for next year Guild's President!! Shrenik!! Go for re-election!

2. Spoon   
Feb 17 2004 11:23

Is Mr Patel not going to apply for the job of Faculty Prinicipal then?

3. EEE   
Feb 17 2004 12:18

Limebeer... Hmmm...

Cheung for Principal! Hell, Cheung for President of the Universe!!!!

4. Zack   
Feb 17 2004 13:05

Yeah? Limebeer!

I assume he?s good at his control, but his HCI skills aren?t too hot. He definitely needs an upgrade.

Students will be doomed.

Feb 17 2004 14:26

Isn't Prof. Nethercot the current president of the Institution of Structural Engineers?

6. c!   
Feb 17 2004 20:35


I guess this means we can have the hit squad back in EE next year?

7. no!   
Feb 17 2004 20:50

Limebeer => Faculty of Eng' Principal.

No Hit squad!

Feb 18 2004 03:46

Just to re-assure everyone - I do not intend to apply for the above position. Nor do I intend to stand for re-election. Doing it once is bad enough...again would pure madness.

Also, just to clarify another point - I am not a union hack and I never will be.

Feb 18 2004 08:06

An answer only a Union Hack would give...

Always in denial.

Feb 21 2004 15:15

Funnily enough, I'm available from the end of March...

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