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Presidential Election Cancelled

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Feb 17 2004 18:11

Following allegations of bias in Felix, the Presidential election has been cancelled to be re-run at a later date. An appeal against this decision will be brought to Union Council on Thursday.

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Feb 17 2004 20:37

Is it ever possible to do the elections properly?

I think it's time that the Presidents' added "Reform Election Procedures" to their manifestos...

Feb 17 2004 22:00

has any one ever considered that the rules are just too strict, unreasonable even? There hasn't been a smooth election since I've been here and it's usually because somebody put up too many posters, or used a highlighter pen where they shouldn't have. There's a reasonable argument that most of ICU should just get on with it instead of spending so much time applying rules.

Ironically the problem this time is that one of the candidates happened to show he was capable of doing something most students would actually notice, care about, and want.

3. Paul   
Feb 17 2004 23:21

Yawn. The rules seem reasonable... the problem is the annual nit-picking and 'interpretation' of them.

It always seems to be in-fighting between candidates which leads to the yearly farce of the presidential election rather than the actual rules. Its not a surprise that fewer and fewer people want to stand for the position and put themselves through this, and Im sure we are missing out on some ideal candidates as a result!

4. Simon   
Feb 17 2004 23:53

"Elections for all other sabbatical posts are still valid as planned and results are expected to be announced sometime later this evening"

Oh, how wrong this has turned out to be...

Feb 18 2004 00:23

This has just appeared on the vote2004 site:

Oh dear :-(

Feb 18 2004 00:41

Can this place not do anything right.......? The credibility of the union and particularly those who have unnecessarily complained has gone down hugely as result of this - people won't care less about a second election.

Feb 18 2004 00:49

This is unbelievable.

They have just thrown 5,000 votes out of the window without even thinking, consulting all the candidates, or making a full technical inquiry into what has happened.

8. Ant   
Feb 18 2004 01:05

Disappointing to say the least, If the main complaint is about the article with reference to library access and bike racks then this is ridiculous, both the incumbent president and felix were doing their respective jobs.

If it is something to do with the electronic system then that is a shame, I will admit that i only took the time to vote in all elections this year because it was(in my opinion)a lot easier than the traditional paper system as last year. I can only say that the likelyhood of a successful rerun via paper ballot is unlikely, and i hope that election rules allow for a full and detailed explanation of why the first ballot was ruled unfair before another ballot is run.

Feb 18 2004 01:07

With all due respect to the efforts of the committee - I would like to see someone official show some real appreciation for the tragedy of what has just happened.

People have gone out of their way to vote. The candidates have gone out of their way to stand. Blaming a technical hitch is not good enough.

I for one am absolutely gutted that this 'election' will be continuing.

10. amram   
Feb 18 2004 01:09

Does this give opportunity for those who haven't received Union cards to get them before the new election?

Feb 18 2004 01:13

Firstly there were 1033 votes.

Secondly a technical inquiry has been started and no immediate cause of the faults could be found. Finding these would very likely take longer than the appeal time period of 10 days.

This among MANY other reasons makes the entire election very vulnable to any appeals about its credibility. Any election which lacks credibility is meaningless, and therefore a re-ballot has been decided by the returning officer and elections committee.

12. Ameet   
Feb 18 2004 01:21

i made a complaint, as did OTHER candidates. i did not intend in any way for the elctions to be re-run, thats why i appealed the decision. Finally, the whole thing is being re-run anyway, which has absolutely nothing do to with me.

13. ant   
Feb 18 2004 01:27

is that 1033 actual votes across all elections or is that actual voters across them all? its just something i'd like made clear.

14. So   
Feb 18 2004 01:30

200 voters



15. ULU   
Feb 18 2004 01:36

Does this have any effect on the elections that ULU has held on the system?

Feb 18 2004 16:08

My, this really is a microcosm of democracy, with all its farces and failings... with added whining.

Feb 19 2004 09:00

i don't know about you, but I believe that the Felix was just stating the facts regarding the library. Mr. Bhakta had the library as one of the main advertised points in his manifesto, but unfortunately for him, progress was made very early.

I really much doubt that people will bother to vote in the re-run!

Feb 19 2004 10:10

I have the impression that my previous post was edited!

Feb 19 2004 10:11

Apparently freedom of speech does not exist in this uni!

20. tom t   
Feb 19 2004 10:27

Come to Council tonight, 1830, UDH

No one can edit your own voice!

Feb 19 2004 10:31

Shouldnt at least the guy who edits the post, indicate in that post that it was edited (as happens in ALL online forums), and identify himself?

22. editor   
Feb 19 2004 10:47

If you have a question/comment/complaint to make regarding the moderation of this discussion board please email me.

23. amram   
Feb 19 2004 22:04

So Does anyone know if we will need Union Cards to vote? Will there be time to get one if you haven't got one?

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