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Slave Auction Madness in the JCR

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Feb 20 2004 20:50

On Thursday, C&G held their annual Slave Auction, a riot of counter-bidding and obscure antics, all in the name of raising money for RAG. This year’s unofficial theme was leg-related nudity

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Feb 22 2004 01:55

Dear Rag,

I am insolvent.

Feb 22 2004 09:31

Those sausages we're awful!

Next time, if you want me to do something like that get some decent ones that aren't wrapped in plastic!

Feb 22 2004 11:51

Dear Mr Patel

I'm sure you can find some money from Mr Arif, considering that you saved his trousers on no less than three occasions. Though, having said that, you were very happy to up the bid for the Nichola-John situation...hmmm double standards I see

4. Nia   
Feb 22 2004 12:43

Clearly Mr Patel prefers Mr Collins's bottom to that of Mr Arif.

Feb 22 2004 19:13

As does Ms Hawkins presumably...

Feb 23 2004 15:36

Dear Rag

I have it on good authority that Shrenik sniffs solvents.

Feb 23 2004 16:02

I dont!

Feb 23 2004 16:45

Whether he does or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he pays. As C&G President, he must have some offshore bank account with all those tuition fees money in it...

9. Bored   
Feb 24 2004 00:24

He spends it all on cigarettes.....

Feb 24 2004 10:52

Having not seen the posterior of Mr Collins before or since, or that of Mr Arif at all (both seeming quite keen to turn down any invitations from the Wye College Men's 1st XV...) I couldn't possibly comment.

11. daz   
Feb 25 2004 13:25

hey whos the inconsiderate grinch who removed the JCR pool table?

I thought things were going to improve this year.. now the dining hall food is getting worse amongst other things... AND they only allow one sachet of sauce per person regardless of how many plates you have...

Its getting ridiculous... the lazy bastards can't even be bothered to purchase heinz mayo anymore and now all we get this watered down poor excuse for a decent french fry sauce which comes in yucky yellow packaging and tastes like flour.

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