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Election U-Turn at Council

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Feb 23 2004 21:11

Going back on a previous decision, Union Council have deemed that the Presidential elections were fair and should not be re-run.

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1. Query   
Feb 23 2004 21:44

A polarised debate followed with Ashkan Salamat, Deputy President for Education and Welfare...

You mean candidate surely?

Feb 23 2004 21:48

Ahem. <blushes> It's now been corrected. Thankyou 'Query'!

Feb 24 2004 01:12

At last, Council is seeing sense. We can all finally get on with our lives and bring this farce to a close. Hooray! Long live e-voting!

Feb 24 2004 09:38

Woohoo yet another cover up and general principle dodge. Nice one! Presedential candidate does what could be viewed as electioneering, despite his very good knowledge of the rules. Council objects, people resign etc. Then in an 'emergency' meeting all eight hours of deliberations are overturned because the elections are in fact deemed 'fair'. Anyone ever heard of the dodgy dossier?

Feb 24 2004 12:04

I don't understand the case that that any candidate was unfairly disadvantaged by the so-called "electioneering".

It's all rather silly...

Feb 24 2004 12:35

No, Ashley Brown. Have you ever set aside two weeks of your life for a campaign? The entire process has been one of the most arduous experiences of my life. The least any candidate should expect is a fair vote.

I think most candidates would be happy to walk away from a fair vote, even if they have lost; but if that vote could have been unfairly biased in any way - then that candidate has every right to complain and must do so.

Feb 24 2004 12:48

For pity's sake people.

Have you whinging bastards ever considered that maybe they changed their minds not after ten minutes of debate ? since the vast majority of those voting were there on thursday ? but after having 72 hours to actually think about the whole thing calmly and rationally?

And yes, a fair election is to be expected. That's why we have this arduous system of appeals etc.: to ensure everyone gets a fair hearing. So, now all this c**p has been cycled through again, candidates should just stop whinging and get on with it.

Feb 24 2004 13:44

Stop Bickering, (if that is your real name)

Another more likely way of looking at it is that during that 72hrs they simply forgot what the issue was.

9. Seb   
Feb 24 2004 15:30

Charming Darius. Perhaps you should consider if you still remember what the issue was. Afterall, why should you remember if we can't?

Feb 24 2004 16:22

Perhaps everyone involved should just lighten up a bit and stop treating ICU elections as the most important thing in the universe. Important, yes. Important enough to get in a right old stress about, no.

A large proportion of the candidates seem to be taking themselves far too seriously.

Some people also seem to think that the electorate can be swayed by 3 words in a column in Felix.

Will we ever see ICU elections run on the basis of good manifesto pledges and the charisma of the candidates? Or will it continue to be a who-can-throw-their-toys-furthest exercise?

Note for next year: a victory by getting a candidate disqualified for a minor infringement is no victory at all.

Feb 24 2004 17:15

so when are the results going to be announced?

12. Tim   
Feb 24 2004 17:38

Aaisha's paper rawks!!!

The system sucks!!!

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