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Intercollegiate Hall Prices set to Jump by 20%.

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Mar 03 2004 14:33

At the University of London’s Intercollegiate Accommodation Committee today, a decision will be reached as to whether hall fees will be increased by as much as 20% to meet increased maintenance costs.

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Mar 03 2004 19:46

But IC halls are going up again this year aren't they? I heard 15%

Mar 03 2004 20:19

International Hall - I got an email from Chris Piper, the ULU President, this afternoon to say that the Inter-collegiate Accomodation Committee had just met and, after some fierce debate, settled on a compromise increase of 8.5%.

IC halls - the increase has yet to be set by the Rector. The recommendation from the Rector's Committee on Student Residences is 6%, again a compromise - some members of the committee were pushing for upwards of 10%. The increase is based on staff costs rising around 5% (due to new College pay arrangements) and the need to fund on-going refurbishment.

Mar 04 2004 00:44

I'm sure that Beit rooms for the single ensuite uncatered are approx. 120/wk - can another increase really be justified for Beit?

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