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Engineers stick a spanner in Phys-Sci election

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Mar 11 2004 18:40

Worlds collide in Phys Sci and Guilds Election fiasco.

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Mar 11 2004 19:15

Tee hee hee hee!!!!!

Mar 11 2004 21:40

shrenik you've shown your completely incompentant.

i believe your a t**t.

so resign.

C+G die.

Mar 11 2004 21:40

i agree. shreniks a t**t.

and so is C+G

4. but   
Mar 11 2004 21:41

but seb's a bigger t**t. actually hes the king of t**ts

Mar 11 2004 23:58

If you want to say something then say it to my face.

There is no need to hide behind an alias.

Mar 12 2004 00:07

Quite ammusing. To think that C&G could so easily have stuffed the box with RON votes. Not that i've got anything against Phys Sci, or anyone actually, but it would have been funny.

Clearly the tree nymph of woe is to blame, assisted by ballot-box-deserting muppets from Phys-Sci.

Mar 12 2004 11:54



Mar 12 2004 14:42




Mar 12 2004 16:57


Mar 12 2004 17:06

After so many months, he has finally cracked.

Mar 12 2004 17:21



12. Tim   
Mar 12 2004 17:25

Shrenik. Its time to leave! Get some brown boxes and remove your belongings from the office.

Can I talk about the e-word now about the candidates?? I want to place my bets on the elections!!!!

13. Nia   
Mar 12 2004 17:48

Not here you can't. Not till it's all over (i.e. counted and results announced). The fun and games of the ICU elections reminded us that it's really not over till the fat returning officer sings. Sorry.

Mar 12 2004 18:44

The results will be known by saturday evening yet Shrenik has declared that he won't be announcing the results until the AGM on Thursday.

In the case of the recent ICU elections the result is announced as soon as the green light to announce them was given. Hence the rather rushed announcement in DaVincis that took most of the candidates by surprise.

How can C&G's deliberate with-holding of the election results be justified?

Mar 13 2004 01:39

I am the returning officer. I will anounce the results when I feel like announcing them.

Mar 13 2004 01:41


Mar 13 2004 01:45

Shrenik has now been succesfully tutored in the ancient ways of the hack, as can be seen by his state of mind. Don't worry, your certificates in the post

Mar 13 2004 02:36

Post? What post? Internal mail? They will never get there! I will release results when I see fit dammit.

Mar 14 2004 02:46

Tee hee hee hee hee hee!!!

Mar 14 2004 23:30

Congratulations Shrenik!

You have now reached the point of insanity required to become ICU President(although you're not quite as far as gone as the current one, I feel ...)

Mar 15 2004 12:05

Just what I was thinking!

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