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C&G election turn out near 20%

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Mar 13 2004 21:31

After last year?s disappointment, turn out in this year?s C&G elections has recovered somewhat to nearly 20% of full members.

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1. Giles   
Mar 14 2004 12:11

The turn out is more promising than the sabatical elections but i feel an extra week should be given to candidates standing for executive positions in C&G for campaigning. This year there was only 3days to campaign before the ballots started. Its a bit difficult to make everyone aware of elections and elective canditates in all the departments in such a short space of time...

2. simon   
Mar 14 2004 12:16

Isn't that the PhysSci ballot box? :-)

Mar 14 2004 13:44

There were infact 5 days for people to campaign. I think this is enough. Usually, candidates leave it to the day before voting starts to mount their campaigns.

4. Tim   
Mar 14 2004 13:46

No complaints?? Thats boring....C'on!! Candidates!! Cause some trouble make some noise. Shrenik wants that.

Mar 14 2004 14:02

No I dont! I am packing my bags...going away indefinately until the pull of Guilds finally overcomes my waning power of resistance.

Mar 14 2004 16:23

?...had the candidates actually had the initiative to carry out much more visible campaigns I am certain that the turn-out would have been much higher.?

Oh for Pete's sake Shrenik, grow up. You did very close to sod all for your campaign last year. This year's candidates were far more proactive!

It didn't help that you and your team kept covering up candidates' campaign posters (on the walkway) with other C&G posters, banning certain (regalia related) posters after you'd *personally* approved them, or tearing other posters down within the vicinity of previously undefined voting areas without consulting the candidates!

7. Giles   
Mar 14 2004 17:31

yes there were exactly 5 days for campaigning, but two of them were over the weekend.

Mar 14 2004 20:16

John, I am not even going to bother.

If you have a problem, come and see me.

Mar 15 2004 15:04

John - at the candidates meeting you asked if you could use regalia as part of your campaign.

Shrenik implicitly replied no, you could not.

10. Chris   
Mar 16 2004 22:09


Personally i think RON deserves to be declared "Supreem Lord of the Guilds" because all the campaigns were naff (my own included) and RON's the only candidate with any integrity anyway...

I assume he won't get it though as his campaign was even worse!

Mar 17 2004 16:57

Chris...I am not lame...I just flew in from Colorado after afreing to run RON for my friend Shrenik this year. If you call me lame, I will make you eat your parents.

Mar 17 2004 17:22

I am the real Eric CartmAn, as evidenced by the fact I can spell my own name.

PS: My Mom is a bitch, the biggest bitch in the whole wide world in fact.

Mar 19 2004 14:47

I finally decided to read

I think the ballot boxes should have been out for an extra two days. We only got the results today. And I have bumped into so many students who didn't have the chance to vote but wanted to =(

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