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CGCU Elections Roll On

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Mar 04 2001 13:12

People flood to mind ballot boxes and even a disqualification?

Mar 05 2001 20:12

The opportunity to "be the first to discuss this article" was just too tempting to ignore.



Well, carry on!

Mar 06 2001 08:27

Why do we have to discuss this article. Why not be the first person to discuss the life and works of Rugard Kipling.

Mar 06 2001 15:01

Oh definitely, I love "Kim". The Jungle Book's not bad either. Remember Kipling was a Bombay man!

Mar 06 2001 21:13

This is Imperial College - we're not supposed to know about literature nad stuff like that - good effort Rob! - we need more discussion like this.

Mar 14 2001 11:34

Stalky and Co. is another great work of Kipling's. It's most appealing characteristic is that it extracts the Michael from the Pubic School system in England.



Mar 14 2001 11:43

I'm more of a Shakespere fan myself.

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