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Students should quit capital, says report

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Mar 25 2004 15:29

London students would be financially better off leaving the capital, even if they are currently living rent-free, according to a new report.

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Mar 25 2004 20:27

At the risk of starting a nuclear war, I feel I might as well as post, cos coursework is boring.

"now more than ever before, being a full-time student in London may be impossible for some."

"... clearly demonstrates the stark differences between the haves and have-nots."

I wish I had more money, I really do. It would be very nice. However, I wonder what type of student would find living in London impossible because of the cost.

Perhaps the type that manages to spend over ?7000, and still lives at home.

Mar 26 2004 14:54

Obviously there are a lot of very stupid students who can't do basic maths then. I spend just over ?7000 a year and pay my own rent at ?90 a week. Which must mean that these people are spending on average an equivalent amount on public transport - which is stupid, stupid, stupid.

That's still ?2500 more than my loan though, so I presume the students who would find living in London impossible because of the cost would be those that don't have ?10k of previous/current earnings to live on.

3. Ned   
Mar 26 2004 17:07

By current earnings do you mean getting a job? I don't have 10k of previous earnings, but I do work to support myself. Are you suggesting (and this is a genuine question, not a lead-in to a scathing attack) that students shouldn't work? I haven't decided myself about that one yet...

Mar 27 2004 02:11

Students are working - they're students. The key phrase is "full-time education". If you have a job and study then really that's part-time education... at least in theory... in practice these days most students have to work to make ends meet - hopefully a summer job will do (it did for me when added to my gap year earnings).

I'm not sure where the "students should get jobs" thing comes from, but it's probably a reaction to students on micky-mouse courses essentially being paid to sit at home watching TV. Doesn't really make much sense when applied to overworked IC students :-)

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