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Another superb IC Chamber Choir Concert!

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Mar 25 2004 18:06

Music both classical and modern at Holy Trinity Church.

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Mar 29 2004 16:44

Duncan another brilliant article! You have truly outdone yourself this time. I look forward to many such wonderful concerts. The IC choir has put the e into excellent.

Mar 29 2004 17:17

I agree. I'm sorry I missed it. It seems like it was a really excellent performance. However, I'm not sure that Johann Sebastian Bach?s fugue in B flat major, ?Alles Was Odem Hat?, was an appropriate piece for the occassion because it is rather fiery indeed!

3. John   
Mar 31 2004 23:02

it's terrible that they decdided to do “Shenandoah" as this was not really appropriate for the counterpiece. However “Zion’s Walls” was victorious and put to shame the rather poor Palestrina start.

Apr 05 2004 18:47

If you have a query as to why a particular post was removed then please email the editor who will be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Posts complaining about the situation are not relevant to the article and are not an appropriate response.

Apr 07 2004 01:43

Deciding which responses are and are not "appropriate" are simply subjective decisions. All posts, save those which are offensive/actionable (in a legal sense) should be acceptable otherwise we enter into subjective arguments - and in this case blatant censorship- where it seems that some controversial views (eg regarding Mahler being performed by IC chamber choir) are censored- this is simply unaaceptable and ruins the point of live!

By the way- tens of different stations can be run through one computer's IP address through a loop...

Apr 07 2004 09:34

"Posts complaining about the situation are not relevant to the article and are not an appropriate response."

This is censorship gone mad.

Why people are not allowed to 'complain about the situation'?

What happened to freedom of speech - or maybe it doesn't apply here. If it doesn't then tell us now so we can all leave! I noticed the other day Live removed about 100 posts which they deemed too political.

I think its time that the Live Editors introduced some discussion board 'House Rules'. These forums are quite popular and I think House Rules are long overdue. Posts should also only be removed on the basis of complaints from other users being upheld. This sort of censorship will not do.

7. chi   
Apr 09 2004 17:53

i agree with unimpressed. that would be a great improvement.

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