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Nail-biting finish (and Spanner recaptured)!

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Mar 06 2001 22:46

Election results announced (including that of ICU President) plus find out how we got Spanner back.

Mar 06 2001 23:58

Congratulations must go out to all the candidates who clearly worked hard to promote the elections and to achieve such a fantastic voter turn out! A result like this clearly shows that people DO care what happens.

Mar 07 2001 08:47

Is there any chance of seeing the figures for the ICU presidential elections. There is a chance that the C&G president will have captured more first round votes than the ICU president in which case he surely has a stronger mandate than the ICU president, representing more of IC. Hence the Guilds exect should be sabaticals and not the ICU exec!

Mar 07 2001 12:28

Some figures - 1218 people voted in the ICU elections (about 272 more than guilds) and Sen Ganesh won it first round with 611 votes.

Mar 07 2001 13:26

I think Stephen mean to say that only 100 less people at *South Ken* voted.

BTW Sen, when did you get .com? :-)

5. Chris   
Mar 07 2001 13:40

611 on the second round, after the second placed candidate (who would obviously have a lot of votes) was reallocated. Apparently its called 'STV'. And it was invented in Europe.

6. Chris   
Mar 07 2001 13:44

Sorry - 'Single Taylor Vote' was invented by the crazy people in ICU

7. Rob   
Mar 07 2001 14:02

I thought the STV used by ICU stood for "Sabotage Taylor's Votes"

Mar 09 2001 07:23

I would just like to point the exaggeration in this article. The Tojan Horse did NOT out number the RCS by 4:1. Although there were more guildsmen involved in the incident, it was actually less than 2:1. There were other guildsmen around who just stood and watched, but equally there were scientists onlooking. There were not really enough guildsman for them to win by default, and certainly not enough for them to take spanner by force (remembering that no violence is allowed).

But due to the situation of stalemate, and in the interest of good sportsmanship the RCS team relinquished spanner, in the hopes that the game might continue - as it was getting a little boring with one side having all the mascots. Of course the C&GCU's responce to this was to declare spanner inviolate....

Mar 09 2001 10:19

One thing the RCS have failed to notice for the last couple of years now, is that they are the only college in ULU who are still playing mascotry. Why do they think all the others have declared their mascots inviolate. If the RCS could read, they would see that Spanner's inviolatacy is only temporary and will be returned to violate ASAP. Also, C&G did almost out number Black Hole 4:1. What they don't seem to get is that all those who came running to help in Beit were there because they knew about the plan and had been drafted in. They were not innocent bystanders.

Mar 09 2001 11:11

I find it interesting that the last two posters who appear to be speaking on behalf of the respective CCUs are to frightened to reveal their names. If you want to criticise (Guilds or RCS) at least have the decency to stop doing so under the snivelling comfort of an anomynous blanket!

Mar 09 2001 15:13

Personally I think it rather odd that the movements of certain large metal objects seems to have overshadowed discussion of next year's Union officers.

But then I guess I could be biased :-)

Mar 09 2001 18:21

Mr. Man's comment that spanner will become violate again soon rather misses the point. It seems rather unsporting to me to make your mascot inviolate at any time when it may be at risk and only make it violate when you know its safe. Theta has been violate for 26 years continously.

13. sam   
Mar 12 2001 23:43

Theta has been violate for 26 years continously.

correct me if i'm wrong Simon but i thought there were 2 or 3 versions of Theta underwater in Hyde Park... exactly which Theta has been violate for 26 years...or do you mean 26 years in total?

Mar 13 2001 12:56

The first of the RCSU thermometer mascots was Theta Mk 1, inaurgurated in 1958. A few years later it was replaced by Theta Mk 2 and in October 1970 by Theta Mk 3. As is traditional when a mascot is violated we pay the ransom and through it in the round pond and get a new one. Theta 3 was stolen by guilds at the maths freshers dinner in 1974 and after its reurn to us Theta Mk 4 was created and became our mascot on 13th February 1975. Theta 4 has never been violated for its entire life of 26 years.

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