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RAG week is here!

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Mar 11 2001 16:33

Guilds have 2 events to wow the College, the annual Slave Auction and Pub Crawl.

1. Bloke   
Mar 12 2001 13:13

This Stephen Long guy must be a first year. He obviously doesn't realise that no-one @ IC gives a toss about Rag Week (apart from those organising it).


2. sam   
Mar 12 2001 23:46


you appear to have breached my copyright...

you can't just nick and repost any picture you find on the web you know...

Exec will hear of this. You mark my words!

Mar 13 2001 11:43

I would like to apologise to Mr Sharpe for stealing his photo without his permission.

Mar 13 2001 19:29

I wouldn't exactly say that raising ?10,000 last year meant that NO-ONE cares about RAG Week. Perhaps Mr. 'Bloke' would care to explain what he does give a toss about?

5. Bloke   
Mar 14 2001 11:45

SEX. Chocolate. SEX.

That's what I care about.

6. hmmm   
Mar 16 2001 13:57

sex chocolate sex, obviously an IQ member, no mention of girls

7. Bloke   
Mar 18 2001 15:30


I'll worship the Rag Chair if that helps??????

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