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IC invades Ally Pally for Summer Ball

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May 22 2004 12:37

Last night saw nearly 600 Imperial students descend on Alexandra Palace for the 2004 Summer Ball.

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1. Rich   
May 22 2004 19:29

How come there wasn't any mention of how impressive looking the west hall was, or how packed the dance floor was from half twelve onwards? My bus journey home was excellent, taking only 35 mins. An excellent evening!! Well done ICU!

2. steve   
May 22 2004 22:03

I agree it was a very enjoyable evening although it should have gone on for a least a couple more hours until around 4-5am - people were just getting warmed up by 2.

3. Sam   
May 22 2004 23:14

If it went on until 4-5am i think there would have been logistical problems. The gear had to be cleared by 6.30am, so Dramsoc would have had to pull all the lights and gear in 90-150 minutes...

4. Rich   
May 22 2004 23:58

Well talking about Dramsoc, I think it has to be said that they really excelled themselves this time. The lightin and sound looked stunning and done on a very tight budget. Gary must have been very proud...

I hope that this proved all the nay sayers wrong. Next time, if you have an opinion about how the ball should be run, either get involved or SHUT UP!!!

5. Bob   
May 23 2004 08:46

I never doubted that the ball would be a good event - look at the previous 3 in college, they were all good events.

However the key issue which needs to be addressed is that the union cannot afford to lose lots of money putting on an event.

6. Gary   
May 23 2004 14:27

Thank you Rich, Gary was very proud after a very long and stressful day!

Photos of the ball are now up here. If anyone else took any photos, feel free to email them to me, and I'll add them to the gallery.

7. Gary   
May 23 2004 14:32

Looking at the photos, I now wish I'd taken more later in the evening when the dance floor got really packed :(

May 24 2004 09:17

Well done Gary, you actually managed to get a picture of Mike W that didn't have his arms crossed and looking miserable! I think that may be because he didn't notice you...

9. Dan   
May 24 2004 09:57

Gary should well be proud ... my well dones are duly added. Also due respect to the walking machine that is Mike Moate, who never stopped all day, and Mark, who still managed to pull off groovy lighting after all the stresses that were imposed upon him throughout the day.

Now, let's all go throw eggs at the 'Set Lighting and Sound' depot ...

May 24 2004 12:00

"Next time, if you have an opinion about how the ball should be run, either get involved or SHUT UP!!!"

Oh, I'm sorry! And there was me thinking this was actually a discussion forum! Silly me!

Congrats to all involved in the ball, though!

11. Fisch   
May 24 2004 16:50

Does anyone know how much money the ball lost in the end and who is bailing it out?

May 24 2004 18:14

I had a fantastic time at the Ball.

When I become ICU President, I will make sure that the ball is held at A.P.

13. Gary   
May 24 2004 18:42

Shrenik - let me know when that is going to be and I'll make sure I take the day off work to come back and crew it ;-)

(thank god for the DramSoc old lags is all I can say...)

May 25 2004 10:07

Always nice to keep my eye in ;-)

All in all, i think the scale of the event worked well. A couple of hundred people more and it would have been spot on.

Congrats to Gary on his excellent organisation. Can I interest you in a job in the evil emipre? ;-)

May 25 2004 10:38

I thought it was a good event, good bands and ents and the hall looked really impressive (even if a little empty).

Only thing i can i say is that stewards seemed to be totally sparse on the few areas that you'd have actually thought they were necessary to be actually visible, eg stage area and from what i've heard the later buses that left after the finish.

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