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More Election Results from C&G and Union AGM

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Jun 11 2004 14:12

Yesterday saw the elections for the remaining City and Guilds Exec positions, whilst during Wednesday’s council meeting, the results from elections held during the Union AGM were announced.

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1. Tim   
Jun 11 2004 14:21

I would be a good chairman. I enjoy punishing naughty President.

Jun 12 2004 19:09

Oi! My comment was edited! I shall avoid the original profanity (which probably prompted its removal) on this occasion, but I alluded to the difficulty of actually acheiving anything at Imperial during the Summer Term, due to the perennial excuse (which now grates on my ears) that people have exams and projects to do. Whilst I don't doubt the importance most people place on their academic careers, I fail to believe that everyone who uses this excuse works during every waking hour of the day. I find it a pity that it seems to be the most widely-accepted and seldom-disputed excuse for apathy. When will people learn to do more than one thing in their lives?

Jun 15 2004 19:47

hahahaha, yea, Tim - as in charmain mao

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