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Jun 12 2004 18:51

Today saw a wide array of events and activities across campus in IC04, a great day marred only by a lack of attendance

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Jun 14 2004 12:38

It was a great event and lots of people had a great time.

Let's hope this becomes an annual event in the union's calendar.

Jun 14 2004 16:19

unfortunately not as well attended as hoped.

there were 6 instructors who hung around, lugged kit to st. mary's for scuba diving, and only 3 did a try dive, everyone just pulled out. 10 people turned up to archery in kensington palace gardens, and apparently while booking the sessions, it was not made clear where the archery would be held.

the secret garden was rather secret.....

yes it is a good event, however, needed for advertising, and i think some things that are quite labour/safety intensive need a refundable deposit.

just my thoughts.......

some suggestion has been to combine it with the summer carnival/freshers fair....

3. Chris   
Jun 14 2004 21:00

Although turnout was low, those that were there seemed to be enjoying the day. And it gave RAG a chance to sell a few more RAG mags!

Jun 15 2004 09:54

I had no idea this was going on :( - it wasn't publicised AT ALL away from South Ken. If I'd known, I'd have been there.


Jun 15 2004 14:36

Strangly I did know that it was happening, and I'm not even at the college... Possibly because I was roped into standing behind a sound desk for a couple of hours due to a slight media centre staff shortage. Anyway...

Yes, It is an event with huge potencial, but it lacked something holding it together. There were no signs around indicating what could be found in other places (that I saw). It was generally too spread out, so that if you wanted to see everything you'd have to spend a large proportion of your day moving around.

Definately something that should be repeated though. It was a successfull event and there are several things that have become apparent that should make it a _more_ successfull event.

Jun 15 2004 15:03

Ah, our nautical friend has returned!

Lovely, if a little random.

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