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Queen opens Tanaka building

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Jun 24 2004 20:52

The new Tanaka business school building was opened today by the Queen.

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Jul 18 2004 13:04

Personally I found the complete lack of student participation in this event disgusting. Imperial is a university, there should have been students involved in this ceremony. All the guests (apart from a couple of SU officers) were elderly people and whilst they are no doubt important to Imperial (presumably they also donate money) I felt there should have been more students invited. As it was there were some musicians from the choir and orchestra and not a lot else.

There were some business school students but not many. Business is a part of every degree at Imperial. We all have business and management options in our courses and for many courses they are compulsory. I felt there should have been a student representative from every department atleast.

Jul 18 2004 15:50

You're wrong, there were a number of student reps there're right - they were all eg. union president, medschool presidents etc, rather predictable.

The choir and orchestra had a laugh but we weren't really involved in the event.

They gave us plenty of champagne tho :-)

Jul 21 2004 11:24

And maybe there should have been representation from clubs and socs as well?

Iam sure IQ would have loved to have met THE queen.

Jul 21 2004 16:00

I think one can safely assume that IQ (and every other club) were represented by our noble DPC&S...

Still, it may have been an idea to have had some representation from the students of the Management School, those who are a bit further down the food chain than a sabb or FU president. Did anyone from ICU have any say on who got to go?

5. Nia   
Jul 21 2004 18:22

I think College events agree with you there John. I gather they did have students from the school of Management - there seemed to be people presenting some poster display type things and there was a lecture/discussion involving students.

Out of interest, what is your argument for why ICU should have a say in who attends a College event?

Jul 21 2004 22:34

I was asking if anyone knew how specific the invitation to students was. Sometimes the College specifically invites the usual four sabbatical officers and four FU presidents, othertimes they just invite ICU to bring along 8 representatives (which more often than not is the usual four sabbs and four FU presidents). I'm not attempting to argue that ICU should have a say who goes to a college event.

Jul 22 2004 09:52

Well, having been invited to this particular shindig I can categorically state that the ICU sabbs received nice, shiny, individually addressed invitations. We were also told that we had to bring ID to the event.

I imagine that College had to provide HRHs security staff with a well-defined guest list, given that there are usually a few security implications associated with the Queen popping by for a visit.

Jul 24 2004 17:48

I was quite bored. Had to be there really early, sang many times through the same music, the Queen I doubt even heard us as she was dowstairs being shown around when we sang. The pen drives they gave out at the end and the champagne were nice though, made the morning worthwhile.

May 31 2005 18:19

Imperial Alumni Rule!!

10. rumour   
Jun 01 2005 17:40

All these stories are quite a lot more interesting than the apparent departure of someone no-one can scrutinise or hold to account, because of some ridiculous protocol that certain people cower behind.

The Tanaka Building is not paid for. It will be paid in installments over ten years. Apparently.


Jun 01 2005 18:38

If you wish to be responsible for such articles that could break the SSP or MoU if not extremely careful (and as a result face college disiplinary or other more reaching repercussions) then feel free to stand for editor and to get involved in Live! next year at the agm...

12. Sane   
Jun 01 2005 20:43

Sigh. Everyone is afraid of their own shadows at the moment.

The SSP is part of the MoU and thus a union regulation. Any SSP matters are matters for the union, not the college. I can see no circumstances under which a college disciplinary would be an outcome of an alleged breach of the SSP. The matter would be dealt with within the union's regulations which cover the possibilities of verbal or written warnings or motions of censure/no-confidence. There is also the possibility of a union disciplinary, under the disciplinary policy, which is a different beast all together, but is still in no way similar to a college disciplinary.

College disciplinaries are for things like plaigarism or dismantling halls of residence while the wardening team weren't looking and that kind of thing.

Jun 01 2005 21:01

Union Disciplinaries are part of the College Disciplinary Procedure and are no different, in this regard, to Wardens Discipline / Residences Tribunal.

If I discipine you as Union President, the matter is reported to the College Registry and goes on your College record.

Jun 01 2005 21:58

Yeh, but lets face it. The union has never got around to disiplining anyone for years...

15. Sam   
Jun 02 2005 00:10


Well, ok, not quite c**p but it depends if your "years" was meant to imply a long period of time.

If you mean a formal disciplinary, then I've chaired a Union disciplinary in 2002, which is only *three* years ago. There may have been others since then but I wouldn't know. However there have been loads of summary punishments since then, mostly for stupid people.

Jun 02 2005 11:24

Nonsense. I have disciplined a handful of people - though only through (severe) summary punishments. Sen Ganesh held a couple of disciplinary tribunals.

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