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Julia King appointed new Engineering Principal

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Jun 30 2004 13:52

Imperial College has announced that Dr Julia King, currently Chief Executive of the Institute of Physics, has been appointed as the new Principal of the Faculty of Engineering.

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Jul 01 2004 16:09

Posts deleted on what grounds my dears?

Jul 01 2004 17:10

Taken together they were deemed to be personally insulting to a degree that we would not normally tolerate on Live!

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3. jane   
Jul 01 2004 23:30

It seems that anything remotely interesting or amusing is to be censored.

What a pity, no wonder the readership is sooooooo low.

Jul 02 2004 12:31

I suggest that publishing anything remotely insensitive about next year's Faculty Principal before she has even arrived would not be in the interest of C&GCU or Live! Good call.

Jul 02 2004 13:03

Yes John is quite right. We must not allow too much freedom of the press. What next, maybe an article criticising the rector!Sometimes people forget their station...

Jul 02 2004 13:28

I still think that smile makes her look like she's about to give an estimate for some maintenance work.

Jul 02 2004 13:30

Or she's practising ventriloquism?

Jul 02 2004 19:19

Point taken, but wouldn't it be a super scoop for your website if it were found that her chromosome make-up wasn't compatible with the name Julia?

(Trust me, I'm a doctor)

Jul 05 2004 10:19

Prince albert,

saying you're a doctor/med student, perhaps you could explain exactly what her chromosome makeup has to do with her ability to do the job properly?

Jul 05 2004 10:26

Woodstock, I didn't say I was a med student, nor did I question her ability to do the job.

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